Why You Might Want to Consider Contact Lenses Over Eyeglasses

By: S. Kevin

If you have recently had an eye doctor’s appointment, and you’re trying to decide whether to purchase prescription eye glasses or prescription contact lenses, there are a few things to consider. In the past, if your required bifocals or had astigmatism, you were unable to wear contacts. Now, due to breakthroughs in science and medicine, you can wear contact lenses even with special eye problems.

Contact lenses are beneficial when dealing with the elements. Eyeglasses fog up in extreme weather changes, such as when you go outside in extreme cold and come back inside again. You won’t be able to see for a few minutes until your lenses adjust to the fog. Walking through rain or snow can also be a pain if you wear eyeglasses. You’ll constantly have to wipe off your eyeglasses, because they’ll be blurry. With contact lenses, you won’t have these problems.

Eyeglasses can interfere with everyday activities. Driving can be more difficult in eyeglasses than in contact lenses, because the space between the lens and the eye can cause distortion from time to time. You also have limited peripheral vision in eyeglasses; in contact lenses you have full range of view. With eyeglasses you can sometimes see the frames and the side of the lenses in your peripheral vision, if anything. Also, if you play sports, eyeglasses are extremely cumbersome. You have to purchase special eyeglasses in some cases with a strap that goes around your head to be able to play in games that have full body contact.

On a more superficial level, contact lenses are more fashionably versatile than eyeglasses. Depending on the color of your frames, you eyeglasses may clash with certain outfits. If you have contact lenses you can focus on matching the color of your eye shadow to your outfit. Sometimes with eyeglasses, you eye makeup doesn’t “pop” as much as it does when you wear contact lenses. With contact lenses, you can also get cosmetic lenses that change your eyes different colors.

When you wear eyeglasses, you have to find special sunglasses to fit the frames. This is sometimes very difficult, and as a result of the lack of sunglasses for eyeglasses on the market, they can be very pricey. You can find a fashionable pair of regular sunglasses for a very cheap price. You can wear any type, style, or shape of sunglasses you like if you have contact lenses.

If you’re an active person or you want to be able to make the most out of your vision, you should consider replacing your eyeglasses with contact lenses. It is important to keep a spare pair of eyeglasses, even if the prescription isn’t perfectly up to date, in case you have a problem with your contact lenses. If you sleep with your contact lenses in, you tear a lens, or you get sick or have an eye infection, you might need to rely on eyeglasses. Contact lenses are a great option.

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