Why Women Experience Irregular Periods

By: James Pendergraft

For every woman, menstruation is a part of life. For many it is an affirmation of their womanhood and a manifestation on the fulfillment of their role to bear children and ensure continuity of the human species. As such, despite the discomfort it may bring, women have learned to put up with the process of menstruation. However, when some disorder in their menstrual process comes about and can potentially ruin their health, thatís the time when women should be concerned for the possible impact on their health.

Irregular periods are known in medical terms as anovulation. It happens when the ovaries fail to release an oocyte that indicates that ovulation did not take place. The problem affects about 30 percent of women. However, when the disorder becomes chronic, it may indicate infertility.

Causes of Irregular Periods

To properly treat the disorder, it is a must that one be properly acquainted with the causes of the disorder. There are numerous reasons for irregular menstruation. The following are the most common causes of irregular menstruation:

* Stress. Stress is a factor that can affect menstrual flow in women because it causes hormonal reactions in the body. As such, if it should be too difficult to avoid getting stressed, it is important that one has some means to compensate for it by getting enough rest.

* Changes in the cycle. In some instances, what happens during an irregular menstruation is that there is a change in the menstrual cycle. Changes in a womanís menstrual cycle are prevalent in young girls at the onset of menstruation and may persist for a few years afterwards.

* Pregnancy. Although this may not be strictly classified as a cause for an irregular menstruation, pregnancy will make menstruation stop altogether. When this is the case, a pregnancy test should be performed to avoid a woman from thinking that what is happening is just another irregularity in her menstrual cycle instead of her being pregnant.

* Poor diet. A very poor diet, especially if one is deprived with the proper nutrients, can cause hormonal changes that may disrupt menstrual flow. For women suffering from anorexia or bulimia, menstruation may stop altogether.

* Psychological factors. When the woman is burdened with deep emotional thoughts, the result may be that production of bodily hormones related to menstruation is affected, thus causing menstruation to stop altogether.

* Drugs. Taking drugs as well as birth control pills can cause irregular periods. This is because such drugs induce changes in the body that require the body some time to adjust to the new level of hormone production as a result of taking the drugs.

* Menarche. The first periods in a young girl may take some time to become regular. As such, it may be years before the menstruation becomes regular. This is a common occurrence in girls and does not require usually require medication.

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