Why There Is Lack Of FM Radio For Iphone Is Best Known Only To Apple

By: Robert Thomson

iPhones have great amount of functionality to them that goes way beyond simple communication and in fact comprises multi-media entertainment and communication and besides, it is also a great device as far as its appearance goes. And, it also comes with the best of Web 2.0 interactiveness. In fact, the iPhone has many things going for it, but does it have FM radio for iPhone? Unfortunately, despite the iPhone boasting of MP3 player, digital camera and real time video as well as Google Maps, and even photo storage and access to email and Internet, it cannot say that there is FM radio for iPhone.

Out Of Date

Of course, part of the reason why there is no FM radio for iPhone is that today, nobody really cares all that much for the radio and these days it is really all about the Internet and TV, which in any case are ruling the roost. After all, it is not the fifties that we are living in today when radio was central to entertainment and even information dissemination and it was, in those days, the main attraction.

Another possible reason why there is no FM radio for iPhone is that the radio is not a very personable device and in addition, it has rather a disruptive influence in our lives rather than being something that dovetails with modern lifestyles. Of course, if the iPhone had been invented when the Sony walkman was the rage, chances are that there would certainly have been FM radio for iPhone.

In fact, it was only much after the Sony walkman had become popular with the general public that a radio was added to it, and this lack of a radio in the original Sony Walkman can be another reason why manufacturers such as Apple have not included FM radio for iPhone.

Still, you might wonder if the iPhone can have Internet connectivity, then why is there no FM radio for iPhone? After all, the iPhone is multi-media if nothing else and thus having FM radio for iPhone should have indeed been included. The answer to this may lie in the fact that there is always iTunes to listen to and thus there is really no need for FM radio for iPhone.

However, it is only Apple that can best answer the question as to why there is no FM radio for iPhone and obviously the reasons for omitting this feature would no doubt be due to practicality rather than incapability. However, consumers have yet to be informed by Apple regarding why there is FM radio for iPhone, and so we can only guess as to the real reason for its omission.

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