Why Streaming Videos Can Increase Your Sales

By: wealthbuilder1

There's no doubt about it, Streaming Video is the future of the Internet.

Today the Internet is the fastest growing marketplace and video is the most effective form of communication on the information super highway.

In the United States alone $2 billion was being spent on streaming media technologies and that this is projected to grow to$12 billion per annum over the next few years.

Some people have started to include pictures and images to help convey the meaning and to add impact, but that still doesn't solve the problem! This is because we are used to face to face' communication, where the message is interpreted not only from the spoken word but also the non-verbal communication. 55% of a messages meaning is derived from facial
expression and38% is derived from gestures, body language etc.

So what is the solution? People online need fully integrated video streaming facilities for their online communication and this technology is available now, ranging from Video Email, Video Instant Messaging and even live Webcasting and StreamingWeb TV. Streaming Video is the online future, and now is the time to place ones self at the forefront of this next communication revolution.

You no longer have to limit your web site to just text with pictures, but now you can amaze people with video on your website. From marketing tools, to movie clips, from online infomercials to streaming TV and live webcasting, like it or not, we will all have to embrace this technology or else our sites will become extinct and our communication lost in the wilderness

One can help to fill this void and earn whilst doing so, either by having an advanced web site that uses streaming video over the Internet to gain people's attention and increasing the likelihood that the message will be acted upon and remembered; or by supplying access to the products and technologies that everyone will want to use.

For an Internet Marketer, Streaming Video is an extremely powerful selling Tool. Having video on your web site creates a personal connection with your customers that appeals to all their senses, as a result converting more visitors to customers.

Savvy affiliate marketers are already out there creating strategic videos for their chosen affiliate programs... and reaping big cash rewards for doing so!

Video is already booming online.People are getting used to watching videos more and more and Videos are proving to converting well for many marketers.

YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook What is it these sites have in common?

Chances are you're a member of these sites, and have visited them often. Any idea why YouTube is so much more popular than Google Video (and ultimately why Google bought it over)?Because YouTube allows users to participate and interact with the content and each other, just as MySpace and now FaceBook does.

This user generated content is what makes people come back to these sites over and over again, they just can't get enough of them!

A touch of live video will motivate your customers to take action now rather than skim through all the text and eventually click away to another web site. It provides an easy way for your visitors to quickly appreciate what you offer without going through the rigorous effort of doing a lot of reading.

All you have to do is record a short powerful “Live” sales message via webcam and put it on your website within just a few minutes to increase your conversion rates.

The possibilities are just endless. Plus, you do not need any multimedia, web design or programming experience to accomplish this and a lot more. In short, you can transform your website into a cash magnet easily through making just small changes with no trouble at all in very little time.

Streaming video is the online future and, at the present moment, provides an opportunity to anyone who wants to be ahead of the game.

I'm quite sure tons of people are going to jump on this video business model which is why I recommend that you take advantage of this chance and go watch the Video via the link below, and be sure and go to the page it redirects to for further information.

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