Why Should You Dress Your Dogs?

By: Connie Limon

Dog fashions can be fun! Your dog can look flirty, funky, flashy or glamorous. Never before in the history of our dog have there been so many fun choices to make. There are clothes and shoes, and an overwhelming choice of collars, leashes and dog carriers.

Dog fashions can also practical. If all you are interested in is keeping your dog warm on chilly days and nights, you certainly will find the perfect sweater, jacket of fleece shirt. We as humans really share a common trait with our dogs. We both love attention! We enjoy dressing our dogs up in the latest of dog clothes, hats and jewelry because it is interactive. People stop and talk about it. The same is true when we humans dress up in the latest of fashion. It’s fun. It opens up channels of communication with others and gives us the attention, whether we admit it or not, we all crave.

For those of us with little toy dogs, the days of putting on a plain acrylic sweater are over. Top dog clothes designers are making trendy, fashionable dog clothes. There are dresses out there that match the same little dresses you might have worn as a kid. There is rainwear, real leather and faux fur, boots and hats, necklaces and hair jewelry by the dozens. It is actually enough to make your head swim! If you are indecisive like I am, that is. This revolution in dog fashions is just as varied as human clothing. You can spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit or very little and still have your little dog looking fabulous. Dressing your dog is here to stay.

Clothes for Warmth:

If you and your little toy dog will outside in Maine in the winter, it truly matters that your little guy is in a nice, warm coat. Sure your main objective here is to keep the little guy warm, but it is more fun if that coat is “mink,” or even faux fur. Wow! How cute can that be? Real cute! Even long-coated little dogs sometimes need a little help keeping warm. Small dogs do lose their body heat much faster and are prone to hypoglycemia. A fleece t-shirt inside is also great to help keep your little guys from losing too much body heat.

Clothes for Worried Dogs:

When you are a Teacup Shih Tzu and you only weigh 5 pounds, you will have lots to worry about if the larger size Shih Tzu is around. Dressing the little guys in clothes will actually relieve some of the tensions between them and their rivals – the bigger guys. It creates calming to wrap up your little guy in something warm and cozy like a fleece t-shirt or sweater for inside. It gives the little guys more confidence.

Dogs like attention. When you dress up your dog in a beautiful party dress, people pay that attention. Your little dog will probably respond with lots of tail wagging and an increase self confidence. Most dogs love to interact with people and clothes are very good conversation starters. Dress your dog up in something really, really pretty and unusual and have fun watching her/his reactions when people stop and tell him or her just how precious they look. People won’t be able to resist smiling and petting your little dog. Dressing up your pet in beautiful dog fashions is definitely a way for the two of you to meet new people anywhere you decide to go.

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Connie Limon is a Shih Tzu breeder. Purchase fleece t-shirts in a variety of colors and hand crochet dog blankets at: www.littleguysdogshop.com

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