Why Should I Buy Herbal Cure For The Type 2 Diabetes?

By: Abram Wilson

Diabetes: Whenever we eat something our body turns the food into glucose or sugar. At this point, our pancreas (an internal organ situated just behind the stomach) is supposed to release a hormone known as insulin. This insulin plays a crucial role in opening the body cells so that it further serves for the generation of energy. In other words, insulin is the 'key' to open our body cells. But if a person suffers from diabetes, this coordination simply does not work.

Types: Among all types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 are the most common forms that occur in abundance but there exists other kinds too. For instance, gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy among women.

Type 1 diabetes: In this type of diabetes, our immune system assumes that the insulin-producing cells are foreign cells and so it tends to attack the part of its own pancreas. The reasons are unknown. As the insulin serves as key to use the glucose for energy, without it the sugar stays in the blood and makes the body cells starve for more energy. This hinders the proper functionality of our body systems and leads to damage of kidneys, nerves, eyes, heart.

The person suffering from type 1 diabetes takes the insulin externally with the help of injections. Now this artificially induced insulin acts as key to open the cells bringing the glucose in order to produce energy. But there is a problem in knowing that how precisely this insulin needs to be injected. If taken in much amount the body burns too much glucose and the blood sugar exist in the body drops tremendously low-level. If taken in greater amount the body again starves for the energy it requires and again the blood sugar rises to very high level. Both of which are life threatening.

The amount of insulin to be taken is based on a number of factors, including stress, food, exercise and general health.

Type 2 diabetes: Also known as 'adult onset' diabetes as it develops after the age of 35, though younger people are considerably increasing with type 2 diabetes. People suffering from type 2 diabetes are able to produce some amount of insulin but that's not enough to fulfill whole body's requirements. Also, sometimes the insulin tries to act as 'key' in order to open body's cells but this simply won't work. The cells are unable to open. This factor is known as insulin resistance. People with sedentary lifestyle and overweight are more likely to be influenced by the type 2 diabetes. The treatment is majorly focused on the diet and exercise.

Diabkil capsules are the herbal cure for type 2 diabetes that provides most safe natural treatment. Diabkil capsule helps increase in the production of body's natural insulin levels. Diabkil re-establishes the tendency of the beta cells (present in the pancreas to produce insulin) to get ample of insulin in the body. This natural cure for type 2 diabetes also conducts the health of liver and maintains the body's cholesterol levels.

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