Why Safety Organizations are Expanding Services to Include the International Market

By: Dan Snyder

Safety consulting has become increasingly important as employers are looking for ways to improve corporate responsibility. For decades companies have relied on safety consulting firms to supply them with the knowledge and tools that will improve the health and safety of the workplace. However, it wasn't until recently, that safety organizations are expanding their services to include international safety consulting work.

A distinguished network of occupational health and safety training professionals have branched out into the international market. They are dedicated to helping companies improve business performance while protecting the lives and livelihoods of employees and contract workers. Some of the most successful safety consulting firms have extensive experience providing hundreds of organizations with workplace safety consulting services. Through their efforts, they have reduced workplace injuries and fatalities through customized occupational safety and health training consultant services. Nevertheless, these performance improvement consulting specialists understand that international companies are seeking their expertise to help them compete within a global marketplace by aiding in the adoption of international safety standards best practices.

Safety consulting firms such as this have realized that by branching out into the international market they could meet the needs of organizations around the globe that face similar issues as those companies in the States. Although most countries have state or federal agencies that function similar to OSHA, a safety organization's main goal is not solely to focus on regulatory compliance within the international market, rather it is to create safe and productive work places, establish and maintain a positive corporate image for their clients, assist in employee retention strategies, foster employee and corporate well-being, as well as effectively contain the costs that businesses face as a result of employee downtime, health and safety violations, lawsuits, and various other factors.

Performance improvement consulting firms have recognized the dramatic increase among international corporations seeking to improve safety performance on the job through the use of contemporary best practices, as well as the implementation of recognized safety management models. As a result, they have seized this up-and-coming opportunity and took the steps necessary to fashion their organizations in ways that effectively compete with larger international safety consulting firms. By pairing superior service with competitive prices, these safety organizations are able to hit on a new market and set the standard among other in their industry, and continue to have positive impact on organizations around the globe.

The safety consultants that have branched out to the international market are able to offer their services on an international level because they have achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). This is the not only the most sought after safety certification in the U.S. today, but it is also recognized globally. Additionally, agreements with similar organizations, as well as the BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) value the significance of achieving this level of certification. As a result, it has made it possible for these workplace safety specialists to make the transition into the global market and impact organizations on a much broader scale.

Many safety consulting firms have noticed an increase in requests for international work, specifically from those organizations throughout the Middle East and Asia. As businesses such as this crave western management philosophies, styles, and models, as well as enter into global business ventures, they expect the trend towards international safety consulting to continue on a much larger scale. Furthermore, western partner companies are requiring that emerging market companies have the same worker safety standards prior to doing business with them. Although, workplace safety specialists are seeing tremendous growth and receptiveness from the Middle East and Asia, many consulting firms are looking forward to the impact that they can make on additional countries as they expand their service offering.

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