Why Reduce Tummy?


Losing those last vanity pounds is always tough, especially when it's tummy fat. Starving yourself or eating less won't do the trick. It has to be a combination of portioned, nutritious meals along with daily exercise. Sticking to a diet and exercising can be difficult, but is necessary in order to shed those pounds!

Many people think that the best way to lose weight is to starve them. However, fitness experts do not recommend this, as not eating will not give the body the energy it needs to be able to do certain exercises and other activities. In contrast, it will trigger the body to be on a "save energy" mode, making your metabolism all the more slower. Moreover, the body will not be able to function efficiently if it is deprived of the nutrients that it needs. It will likewise slow down metabolism, making it impossible for the body to burn fat.

The most important key to reduce tummy fat is to rethink the way you eat. Proper nutrition will mean cutting down on your carbohydrates and saturated fat intake, and reducing the number of calories from the food you eat. Fat thrives on the late night food snacks, as well as in the sugar-laden carbonated drinks you gulp down. Practice the golden rule of not eating 3 hours before bedtime. Drink more water, at least 8 glasses daily and best of all never skip your breakfast.

In the last few intervals you'll be pushing as hard as possible, way past your comfort zone, and your body will reward you and make it much easier for you to reduce stomach fat. The best part is, every single person on this Earth, excluding those with medical conditions not allowing them to do anything high intensity, can do these exercises.

Next, you need to start doing some fully body aerobics. Over time with consistence, full body aerobic type workouts will be a vital element in how to reduce flabby tummy fat.

It takes some time to lose this last bit of stubborn belly fat, but it will come off by doing some proper exercise and eating the correct foods to help burn it off. Remember, it took a lot of time to create that fat and it will take some time to eliminate it totally.

Never eat past 6:00 p.m. This ensures that the body has plenty of time to digest your last meal and it doesn't interfere with the rest cycle that is so crucial to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Weighted hula hopping

Now, this will cost you about $15. Don't go for the cheap hula hoops. They're harder to keep twirling. The heavier ones twirl slower so they stay up on your hips longer since you don't have to gyrate as fast. The added weight makes them easier to handle.

If you are into sports or have always wanted to try one out, golf and tennis are two of the most helpful for helping people reduce tummy fat. The back and forth movements involved in tennis and swinging with not just your arms, but hips as well can make for a very good workout. Golf is another one where even if you are bad, it still works every muscle in your body, plus you can walk the course, which is exercise people don't even think about until its over.

Swimming is another way to help reduce tummy fat because it also works every muscle in the body. We're just suggesting these for those people who wish not to go with the traditional sit-ups as their main exercise. It may not be lightning fast this way, but it will be more enjoyable anyways.

Exercise and diet is the best way to reduce belly fat, but it does not have to be as difficult as you would think. Exercise can be just about anything that requires regular body movement, like walking and swimming. Dieting too can be a simple as cutting back on the things that have the most amount of calories (energy). A simple drop in 1,000 calories a day can make a huge difference.

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