Why Raised Bed Gardening a Sensible Option for Horticulturists?

By: Floren Neel

Home gardeners who are knowledgeable opt for elevated garden boxes for cultivating flowers, salad crops, and vegetables. These elevated boxes avert soil compaction, keep weeds in control and protect plants from pests like slugs or snails. It also improves drainage. This shows that raised bed gardening is beneficial in a number of ways. Even during heavy downpours, the sides of the bed prevent rich garden soil from being washed away. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits.

Better Soil Quality

When you grow plants directly in the ground soil, the mud that already exists might not be ideal for certain plants. This implies that you have to add manures or composts to improve the quality of the earth. With elevated gardening, you can grow your favorite flowering shrubs and use the soil that is best suited for a specific plant. For example, if you love growing bright, red or yellow roses, you can use the soil that is ideal for this flower. You can grow them in small pots. In case, you need other materials to build raised beds, you can buy greenhouse kits from reliable horticulture stores.

Keep Pests at Bay

There are gardeners who keep complaining about weeds but do nothing to get rid of them. There are localities that are troubled by gophers. When seeds are planted directly into the ground, these burrowing rodents will eat the entire garden up. You can keep out gophers or other rodents by building an elevated bed and placing a chicken wire below. This way, you can keep these underground critters at bay.


What will happen if you decide to move elsewhere? With traditional gardens, you have no other option but to leave it behind. At your new house, you buy seeds, plant them, prepare the earth, and water the plants all over again. This is strenuous for people with arthritis, especially senior citizens. With elevated gardening, this is not the case. Even if, you move to a new place, you can simply pack the garden box, the pots, and mud to take it with you. There is no need to start gardening from scratch when you have settled in your new home.

Extended Growing Season

Salad crops, flowers, and vegetable require specific soil temperature. The earth in a 4’ by 4’ box will warm up fast than that of lawn mud. Moreover, it is also easier to build a cold frame for elevated gardens and reap the benefits of an extended growing season.

More Accessible

The greatest benefit is accessibility. In most cases, each of the garden blocks measure 4’ by 4’; this makes it easy for you to access all plants in order to water, examine, and pick the fruits or vegetables that have matured. Since raised bed gardening is all about growing plants above the ground level, it’s easier for elderly grannies or grandpas to water the shrubs or nurture the soil without bending. So, there are no possibilities of back aches or muscle sprains.

Neat and Aesthetic Appeal

These gardens also look neat, tidy, and aesthetically sound. If you can think creatively, and decorate the raised beds, your home garden will look pretty cool. It will become the talk of the neighborhood.

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Floren Neel is associated with some greenhouse kits and raised bed gardening material suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good flower garden, portable greenhouses, roof top garden and other outdoor innovations easily.

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