Why People Do Not Go for DIY Recovery Software

By: James Walsh

In such a scenario, data becomes a precious commodity that needs to be protected and preserved meticulously. However, considering the high prices charged by data recovery companies, people sometimes prefer to opt for DIY data recovery software to salvage their critical data in case of a data loss situation. Why do people have such a predilection for DIY data recovery software, when state-of-the-art data recovery services are available in the market?

Advantages of Using DIY Data Recovery Software

DIY data recovery software have certain advantages, which make them very attractive for many uninformed computer users. These advantages are:

  • DIY data recovery software is often cheap and cost-effective as compared to professional data recovery services.

  • A number of free to use DIY data recovery software are available on the internet which can be accessed instantaneously when one needs them.

  • DIY data recovery software is mostly a one-time investment and can be used and reused multiple times once one has purchased them.

  • DIY data recovery software can be used to recover data from a variety of storage media such as USB flash drives, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Disadvantages of Using DIY Data Recovery Software

However, most of the experienced computer users are aware of the fact that DIY data recovery software is often a double-edged sword. If not used with caution and care, they can further complicate the matters and may render the lost data irretrievable forever. Besides this, there are a number of other factors which make DIY data recovery software an unattractive and sometimes unhealthy option. The various disadvantages of using DIY data recovery software which make some people shy away from using them are:

1) Permanent Data Loss

While using DIY data recovery software, one is always at the risk of overwriting and permanent data loss. In case of a data loss situation, the lost data continues to reside on the storage media, but cannot be detected by the Operating System. This data can often easily be recovered unless it gets overwritten. Many DIY data recovery software created by amateurs are designed to install themselves on the storage media from which the data is to be recovered. This could lead to overwriting of the lost data residing on the storage media, thereby making it irretrievable forever.

2) Hard Drive Failure

Most of the DIY data recovery software available in the market are apt at recovering the data lost due to accidental deletion of files or because of minor logical problems. However, in case of a full-fledged hard drive failure or some complicated operating system issue, the use of DIY data recovery software can further worsen the matters.

One often comes to know about a hard drive failure from the ticking or clicking sound coming from it. In such a situation, if one tries to recover the lost data by using DIY data recovery software, it will further damage the hard drive and render the lost data permanently irretrievable. The best line of action in such a scenario is to solicit the services of a professional data recovery service.

3) Credibility

It is often impossible or very difficult to verify the credentials of the company from which the DIY data recovery software is downloaded or purchased. Hence, one may end up buying an infected or worthless product that is of no use, so far as data recovery is concerned.

4) Inflexibility of Approach

Most of the DIY data recovery software are written around algorithms with certain pre-defined assumptions and they cannot handle any data loss problem that demands some flexibility or creativity. In case of any deviation from the normal file structure because of a corruption of the operating system, the data recovery software may not be able to yield the desired results. It may, in fact, further aggravate the situation by corrupting the operating system.


Considering the above mentioned disadvantages, there is no denying the fact that usage of DIY data recovery software is fraught with risks. In case the data to be recovered is critical and expensive and one is in doubt, the best possible option will be to hire the services of some professional data recovery company to salvage your data.

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