Why Parents Should Buy their Kids Wooden Toys

By: Florence Jones

Playing with wooden toys in this day and age of cyberspace may seem like a laughable concept to some because why would you want to play with toys that do nothing when you could play with toys that light up, talk, walk and even do your homework for you? Why would you prefer toys that do nothing but look pretty and are better collected and run on pure imagination than toys that are fast, quick and run on batteries?

Yes, perhaps the concept of old-school play has gone with the concept of typewriters and pens and papers but one thing that most people overlook is how wooden toys are very instrumental in the development of childrens’ minds and bodies. Children are at their most vulnerable during the early years which is why it is important that they be taught the right things at the onset for them to develop into mature and intelligent individuals who are assets to society and productive at work. You can find out in limetreekids.com.au just how popular wooden toys were and still are to this day.

From the start, wooden toys have always been credited for encouraging a child’s imagination and sense of adventure. With no way of making it move on its own, a child is forced to use their creativity and make up their own sounds and stories that feature the wooden toy as the central character. Because it doesn’t run on batteries, the child uses their own force to push and pull the toys, to manipulate them according to their will.

As a basis, the child will use real-life situations he or she experiences in their everyday life, situations they see happen to Mommy and Daddy or to their big brothers and sisters. A popular example of role-play would be when they use wooden kitchen sets to pretend they are cooking like Mommy and preparing meals for the family.

In essence, wooden toys teach children all about imagination, creativity, gross motor skills and problem solving. For the younger ones, it teaches them hand and eye coordination, as well as shape and color recognition and even spatial awareness. This is one reason why a favorite representation of child development comes in the form of wooden building blocks because a child learns better without the distraction of moving lights and noises.

While wooden toys have always been classified as traditional, new elements have been incorporated in the classic designs to give wooden toys a modern look and feel that makes them fit in with the times although in many ways, they are still traditional in appeal and purpose. Among the types of wooden toys you can still see these days are ride-on tricycles and bikes, jigsaw puzzles, pull-along cars and wagons, wooden trains, wooden doll houses, castles and people sets. You can view Lime Tree Kids website for examples of wooden toys being sold in the market today.

One of the more popular types of wooden toys kids play with these days is the toy wooden kitchen. They will often have an oven, a hot plate, sink and storage cupboard, just like a real kitchen. They will also include kitchen accessories like wooden cooking utensils which are magnetic so you can store them neatly on the back wall just as you would hang them in a real kitchen. For added fun, they will also come with a casserole pan with lid, a frying pan with an egg and an oven mitt. You can buy toy wooden kitchen sets anywhere, but for more variety, they are best bought online from sites like Limetreekids for example, which sells toy kitchens made of high-quality wood and carved with intricate details for a more realistic touch.

Talking of buying wooden toys online, another great thing is that you will also easily be able to find the toys you want simply customize your search parameters to pull up just the results you want for quicker shopping. For example, you can search by category (dolls, cars or wooden toys) or to be more specific, you can type in “wooden toy kitchens” to pull up the latest models of wooden toy kitchen available. You can also pull up results based on age and gender, or for those on a budget, even by price range.

But the best part is that wooden toys also offer benefits that can help teach your kids about the environment and how they can do their bit for it. For one, most wooden toys these days are made from sustainable wood and certified organic fibers like wool and cotton. They can also be made from recycled rubber trees or remnant wood which means no living trees were cut down to make them. They are clearly the best alternative to the plastic toys that are so popular of late and a lot safer. You can check out Lime Tree Kids wooden kitchen toys and let your child experience the pure joy of simply playing with wooden toys.

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