Why Network Marketing? Why now? Part 1

By: Bob Koch

I am a big advocate of network marketing and now is an outstanding time to launch a MLM business. Why?

The first two leading reasons are “the Economy” and “G.O.O.D.”

-- the Economy --|
The Economic recession of 2008/2009 has affected every person. While not every person has lost their job, everybody is still affected in some way. Here are just a few:

Job Loss – While many states are even worse off, here in Illinois the unemployment rate is nearly 11%. So for every NINE adults you see, ONE is unemployed. Go to a shopping mall, a school event, even your church and count the people, like this: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, unemployed, one, two, three... It’s a sobering thought! And if you think those persons want “a job”, you’re WRONG! They want income! While it isn't the same thing, a lot of people think so!

Income Drop – Right now millions of individuals are gainfully employed but making a lot less than they were just two years ago! Maybe a ex- salesperson who could only find a job as a burger flipper. Or a city worker who chose to take wage cuts rather than individuals getting laid off. Cost-of-living increases or year-end bonuses are dead! All this took place while costs are still rising.

Retirement funds cut – even if you weren’t “Madoff-ed” the majority of persons lost money when the stock market fell so decidedly. If retirement resources are reduced, then retirement age is extended to 70, 75, even 80. A 96 year old woman recently retired from a fast-food place and she started her employment there at the age of 81! When will you afford to retire?

Homes Foreclosed or huge loss of home equity – You’ve read about it and it’s not just in hot spots like Detroit but over the entire country. As I write this a country that was considered a “wealthy” nation (with high rise resorts, indoor skiing slopes and more) is on the verge of economic failure!

Government budgets redirected – Funds pouring into the Unemployment coffers is being sucked out of other government budget items. Social service programs are struggling – they often have more folks to help and they are getting less government funding.

Co-Worker loss and Workload P.H.D. – I'll bet you personally know a few, if not a few dozen, people you used to work with. Either they are out of work or you are, you almost never see each other at all, so there’s a relationship loss. And what results when all those people are let go? The few that continue have to do the work formerly done by many. It’s what I call a Workload P.H.D. – Piled Higher and Deeper! Can you relate?

So even if you haven't lost your job (yet...) the economic recession has affected every person.

-- G.O.O.D. --
G.O.O.D. stands for “Get Out Of Debt” and a lot of individuals are drowning in it right now. Whether it be mortgages, credit cards, car payments or student loans, consumer debt is pervasive in today’s culture. You’ve perhaps read the statistics. But what are the effects of this tsunami of debt? Stress, anxiety, nervousness, at the point of bankruptcy (financially and emotionally).

So something which could bring in extra funds to reduce all that consumer debt would be a god-send to a good number of individuals. And they most likely can’t do it with a second job, because they can’t obtain one!

-- So Why Network Marketing? Why Now? --
It’s a tactic to launch a robust secondary income while maintainng your “day job.”
It’s a tactic to start a different income source to reduce those crushing debts. And once the debts are paid off, the income can be invested in supplementary assets, assets that make you even more money.
And if you find yourself laid off and you had the prudence to establish a adequate MLM income, it counteracts the sting of the job income loss.

So you never know - you could quit your day job and relax if you make enough money in your business!

So Why MLM? Why now?

It should be obvious by now!

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