Why Network Marketing? Why Now? Part 2

By: Bob Koch

Part #1 discussed 2 strong reasons why people are seriously thinking about starting an MLM or network marketing business: "the Economy" and "G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Debt)." We will now discuss two additional reasons to create a solid network marketing business immediately: “Control of Income” and “Retirement”.

Control of Income
Maybe the economic downturn hasn't affected you yet but most people have had this fleeting thought "What will I do if I'm next?" What you need to understand is your current job is TEMPORARY! Guaranteed, you will lose it some day! You will either die, retire, quit or be laid off. Either way, it has the same effect. At that moment you realize your income and lifestyle options are gone.

Some people attempt to be forward thinking, maybe working 2 jobs, figuring they will continue to have income even if they lose one of their jobs. And that continues to drive this point home! If you are employed by someone else, you are NOT in control of your income!

Inside the book "Start Late, Finish Rich", #1 best seller author David Bach discusses some good ways to gain control of your income. When you create a business income "on the side" you can create more control over your income while keeping your "day job." He talks about things to consider: real estate, franchises, the Internet, Ebay. He dedicates one chapter to the Direct Selling industry, which is akin to network marketing and MLM.

In the book he reviews what that extra income can do, even a paltry $250 to $750 per month. You will increase your savings account, pay down debt and create a cushion in case you do lose your job. If $500 per month isn't enough, scale up your efforts a bit and grow it to $3000 per month. But the key here is that YOU now have control of your income. Not some stupid manager or boss but YOU!

Bottom line you have to ask yourself, "Do I really have control of my income or does someone else?"

Most Baby Boomers have retirement on their mind right now! Almost no one has enough stored up for retirement. The overwhelming majority of people cannot "retire" by age 65 for financial reasons. Which is why many senior citizens still work after 65, like the 90+ woman who recently retired from her "day job" at McDonalds. Find a retirement calculator website and type in your current numbers, but be prepared for a huge shock.

In "Start Late, Finish Rich" David Bach says that Direct Selling is a good way to add to your retirement nestegg and provide a solid income during retirement. If you are starting late with your retirement plans, creating a steady stream of “extra” income every month can add to your retirement savings and provide a modest income THROUGHOUT retirement !

A network marketing incme, once it is grown to a certain level, can be maintained with just a few hours work per week. And that is what people call Real Lifestyle Income! That is much better than most people's typical "retirement" income. Do you want to just survive or really live during your retirement?

So to gain control of your income and improve your retirement might just start with creating your own network marketing business.

Are there more reasons? Coming soon is Part 3...

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If you answered NO to the questions "Do I have control over my income?" or "Will my retirement income be enough to really live on?" then you must check out more on Why Network Marketing - Why Now. To check out this and other articles by an MLM veteran, visit Bob Koch's blog at BobKochOnline dot com now and learn numerous techniques for succeeding in network marketing!

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