Why Money Does Not Really Make Your World Go Round

By: James Monahan

Remember that enforcement your parents do to make you do something you don't really like doing? It's either you get a candy, your birthday wish -- a pony, or money.

When you were a kid, you're not yet that adept on what money can do for you. But as you grew older, it seemed like just about anything could be attained or had with the intervention of that clinking coin or that crisp bill called money. Until you reached the age that you already and definitely know what extent could money bring you to.

From buying you those neat sneakers, to getting you to college, to making your girlfriend's gasp for breath when you presented the diamond ring you gave as an engagement gift, subsequently winning her yes to your marriage proposal, to buying you that house and car that your family is currently making use of.

However, little did you know that it's not the money that gave you all those things in life. Read on how and why this is the case.

Who provided for your schooling in college? If it's your parents, it's because they love you and they understand your need of a formal education to breeze through life that made your studying in college accessible.

If it's you who provide for your own education, it's your sense of responsibility for your own and your realization of your need for a college education that gave you the chance to be able to study.

Most likely, why do you think your girlfriend agreed to marry you? If you think it's because you had the money to buy the ring, woe to your denseness. You don't really love her. But that's another story.

Most likely, (yes, that adverb again), your woman just loves you so much too. That is what made her decide that "hey, this guy's the one I'd like to have as my children's father."

Also, to make things a lot clearer here is a list of 10 things money can't buy:

1. Your kid's smile. Not that just-got-his-new-action-figure toy smile, of course.
2. Your wife's TLC.
3. Effortless beauty, which means a face or beauty that never underwent a cosmetic surgery.
4. Your dog's wagging his tail due to his excitement when you reach home.
5. A sunny but not scorching-hot weather good for golfing.
6. Salvation of the Katrina hurricane victims or safety from natural disasters.
7. Peace of mind.
8. Poverty, er, getting every mouth fed.
9. Happiness. Genuine happiness that is.
10. Peace on earth.

So, when somebody tells you that money makes the world go round, you can try to memorize and tell him this:

"You're so clueless. Our very old solar system had change some billions of years ago from a very huge mass of interstellar air, which was squeezed or shocked by a supernova explosion that has formed grains and dust.

"These particles melded to construct parts of rock which gradually became small planetary bodies.

"The bigger they grew, the more their gravitational attraction got more intense thus and the better they attracted more particles and rock fragments while revolving around the sun.

"Since the first shockwave was from a certain direction the particles had a net rotation around their center of gravity. Humans eventually examined and labeled that direction as "counter-clockwise".

"Galileo and Newton discovered that that rotational energy is saved and the planets and sun got their spin from the orbits of their part's particles.

"Now, some 5 billion years later, all that energy from rotating is still contained in the revolutions and rotations of the parts of the solar system."

Now, where's the involvement of money in that whole process of reasoning what makes the world go round, which was what made it go round way back before we were all even born? NONE.

Moreover, if you still see people either robbing banks or working too hard when they already have enough money to make both ends meet. They are not trying to make their world go round, they're driven by either frustration due to poverty or sheer discontentment.

But if you would try to introspect really deep, you'll understand that money is just an instrument and not something to depend our life on.

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James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of MoneyLiving.com and writes expert articles about money.

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