Why Modern Designer Drugs Are Hazardous

By: Ben Pate

There are many designer drugs that keep popping up in the United States that are causing an alarming number of health problems at local hospitals. Unfortunately, the rise of designer drugs, at the moment, is a few steps ahead of officials and medical professionals. One of the newest designer drugs on the market is called Kratom. Kratom is a leaf from the orient that acts like an opiate. It can have very damaging side effects if it is abused. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, it is important to get into a drug detox rehabilitation as quickly as you can.

Holistic Purposes

Traditionally used in holistic medicine it can combat fatigue and pain as well as depressive episodes. It also can boost ones energy and give them a surge in confidence when dealing with stressful social situations. Although Kratom could have possibly been the end to 'awkward turtle' it is only the beginning of chemical dependency.


Ingesting any substance that you know little about is not a very smart thing to do. However, that is exactly what people all over the country are doing with designer drugs. Many people in the United States are taking this new drug in combination with other harmful substances. This can be very dangerous as no one really knows the consequences of this drug yet. This is just another reason why these new designer drugs are so incredibly dangerous.


Kratom is supposed to boost confidence and make social situations easier to deal with. However, the drug instead induces anxiety, insomnia, intestinal illnesses, depression, and the ever popular loss of libido. In addition to dependency, overdoses can also occur. Overdoses bring on symptoms like hallucinations, depression, delusions, more intestinal problems, constipation, dry mouth, aggression and tremors are also common as well as listlessness.

Side Effects

Withdrawal from Kratom is very similar to the withdrawal symptoms of heroin. Chills, goose bumps, muscle aches and body pain all over are just some of the wonderful attributes of going through Kratom detox. Individuals are arriving in emergency rooms with these symptoms and mystifying doctors until they come clean about Kratom use. However, many doctors have not heard of this substance which makes it even more dangerous and problematic to cure.


Currently Kratom is a controlled substance in Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, and Poland. It is also controlled in Australia and New Zealand and many Southeast Asian countries. Eventually Kratom will fall in rank with bath salts, K2, and other brands of synthetic marijuana, but at what cost.

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Unfortunately, designer drugs are becoming more and more popular with young people who are looking for a legal high. Just because these substances how not yet been outlawed does not, in any way, make them safe for consumption. In fact, these drugs may pose a more serious health risk than others because of the fact that they are not properly regulated when they are being manufactures.

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