Why Lip and Mouth Rejuvenation

By: mikesmith.

As you age, your appearance does too resulting to several undesirable changes happening to your lip and mouth, sometimes needing a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery to fix the problem. The lip will start to elongate appearing thinner because of fat loss which means you’ll lose your pout and the philtral & Cupid’s bow definition while the red lips become smaller, and worse, wrinkles start to form. Due to sagging, the mouth corners will descend and project a sad or upset appearance. Fortunately, there are available Beverly Hills face lift procedures targeted to rejuvenate the lip and mouth, bringing back a youthful aura and a refreshing appeal.

There are several cosmetic procedures to choose from, some are less invasive and takes one session to complete while some options require implants and minor surgical operations. Fat injections are available making use of your own fat to enhance the lips while silicone injections can increase the size of the lips using the microinjection technique, and the results are more likely to be permanent. Some people undergo an upper lift, a minor surgical procedure that hides an incision under the nose, excises some skin on of the upper lift then followed by a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery to finish off with a lifted lip.

Among the choices, the easiest and fastest to perform is Juvederm and Radiesse injection, where the fillers are implanted to achieve a naturally rejuvenated full mouth and lips. This requires just a few minutes and normally performed as an in-house procedure with results that may last up to 8 months. This type of Beverly Hills face lift allows the fillers to address thin lips and erase fine lines. If performed correctly, injection of fillers can effectively erase the upset and sad look.

Yet another option is laser resurfacing, a widely popular Beverly Hills face lift procedure that deals with fine lines around the mouth. What it does is take off the first layer of skin allowing the collagen to rearrange and revitalize the face, thus providing deeper rejuvenating results.

Like it or not, your mouth, lips and face will continue to age as time goes by. You can let it age the way it’s supposed to or you can bring back your face to its youthful glory with the help of Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery options and injections to augment your lips, erase the fine lines and enjoy the pout again. You can age gracefully and beautifully by making sure that your lips and mouth stay rejuvenated

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