Why It Is Essential To Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

By: Stella Trestrian

We all know that expert professionals can always make remarkable difference between success and failure and this is also true in case of boosting the potential of your social security disability case. An expert lawyer who is deft in dealing with such cases will protect you effectively from committing certain common errors that may hinder your chances of receiving the approval.

If you are suffering from certain disabilities and not able to work, it is important for you to file the Social Security Disability claim immediately. It is because such claims took considerable period of time to get processed. A competent lawyer specialized in this specific field of law will help you significantly to avoid the hardships of making fast claim. Many claimants experience difficulties because they simply cannot adapt to the long duration involved in the process. A skilled attorney will ensure that you file early.

If you are suffering from a specific medical condition that is preventing you from working for at least one year, you may claim your eligibility for social security disability benefits. Now, it is crucial to formulate a potential case, otherwise all your effort of pursuing the lengthy application process will become futile. Even if you meet all essential requirements to approve your claim, it may get simply rejected because it was not filed properly. It is a fact that around 70% of the initial claims get nullified. That is why it is highly recommended to contact an experienced law firm.


When you determine to pursue the process of obtaining benefits, it is mandatory to fill up an initial application. This can be done in person, over phone or online. It is important to acquire all your medical records to fill out the application properly. A competent solicitor will develop your claim considering your age, work history, impairments and how you became disabled to the extent of being unable to perform any job. He will also assist you effectively in acquiring all your essential medical evidences that are required to support your claim.

The filled up application is then sent to Disability Determination Services for review. However, about 60-70% of the initial claims get rejected. Now, if you appoint an attorney, he will definitely help you with the appeal, in case your claim gets rejected.


You are required to make request for reviewing your file to the Disability Determination Services within 60 days and this phase is called Reconsideration. A deft lawyer will help you considerably in handling the request.


A claimant has 60 days to request a hearing and at this point it is strongly recommended to appoint an experienced social security disability lawyer. This hearing is crucial since at this phase an Administrative Law Judge will determine your eligibility for awarding the benefit. An experienced attorney will find out that why your claim was initially declined and will develop you case in the most compelling way. He will not only prepare your case but will prepare you as well to face the questions that the judge is most likely to ask.

It is essential to look for attorneys who have experience in dealing with different types of disability cases. A competent lawyer will essentially advise and guide you in every step of the way.

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