Why Internet Marketing?

By: lara smith

As more businesses realize the importance of a competitive online presence, corporations large and small, start-ups, government organizations, and non-profits alike are seeking consulting services from Internet marketing firms and internet marketing companies to increase online visibility. Imagine the internet as a salesman with the ability to be everywhere at all times to sell your products and services whenever a potential customer is in need of them. With the invention of the DVR, commercials are almost always never watched, and newspapers have seen a steady decline in readership since the invention of the internet. Phonebooks are not being used anymore when you can just as easily get much more information from the internet. Increasing your online presence with a solid online marketing strategy is the smart way to spend your marketing dollars. We will work with you to devise or revise your marketing strategy so you can focus on your customers and other business aspects without being bogged down with the many components that make up internet marketing.

Old marketing is characterized by radio, television, newspaper, direct mail and other methods that were in place before social media took the business world by storm. I have added some questions you can ask yourself about your marketing plan.

* 44% of direct mail is never opened. That’s a waste of time, postage and paper. You can directly reach customers through social media. This established a two-way communication, not a one-way communication.

* 86% of people skip through television commercials. Does your company have a blog? Maintaining a blog is a great way to tell your story, and you don’t have to limit it to 30 seconds.

* 84% of 25 to 34 year olds have clicked out of a website because of an “irrelevant or intrusive ads.” According to the article, 67 percent of business to consumer companies has acquired a customer through Facebook. Why not focus there instead of making more “irrelevant or intrusive ads.”

* The cost per lead in outbound marketing is more than for inbound marketing. That’s the bottom line for any company, isn’t it–how can you get leads, which eventually will turn into customers? Doesn’t it make sense to pay less for those leads?

Technology is changing the way people communicate quickly. Once the televisions were in almost every household in the 60s, a lot of companies turned to television to get their message across. However, for small businesses, newspapers and local radio remained an important part of the marketing plan. That’s not as true today, when almost everyone has a computer, a social media account of some type and access to them on a daily basis, most of the time 24 hours a day. Old methods may still work for you, but the new methods could lead you to new customers hungry for your product or service.

By focusing on your revenue and profits, internet marketing Chicago design online marketing strategies geared toward generating leads, conversions and sales. Increasing your internet presence will drive the traffic you have been searching for and have been searching for you. Direct target marketing is specialty of Seo Company Chicago coupled with great customer service and open communication. Advance To The Top Inc. prides ourselves on approaching each client with complete transparency and handling every account with care. Client communication is at the core of our customer service model. We provide a top quality, cost effective approach to ensure success. You will know exactly what is being done for you and see why we are the best internet marketing company to manage your online internet marketing needs.

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