Why Fixies are an Unstoppable Force Within the Riding Circuit

By: Lincoln Davis

If there is one subculture that stands out, it’s the one about fixies. From being lowly messenger bikes, the fixie has evolved to something that’s a constant item on every must-have list of everyone and anyone who consider themselves cool. People love a subculture especially when the protagonists are perceived as leaders rather than followers and fixie advocates are definitely up there. And when you are trying to find how fixie bikes these days are made and how much they cost, you can check chappelli here to start your venture into bike riding.

Biking has become the newest hobby to conquer pop culture. It is a new way to get fit, especially for those whose knee or back injuries have prevented them from engaging in more strenuous sports like running. Fixed-gear bikes or fixies in particular, present a lot of health benefits like improved cardiovascular health and improved strength and stamina. Biking also helps improve your social life and people skills by way of allowing you to mix and mingle with people in your community since it is one hobby that is best done with a group. There is after all, nothing like bonding over great scenery and fresh air.

It is also the best way to solve the problem of rising gas prices. Why insist on driving when you can ride your bike to work and save a lot in terms of gas consumption? Why insist on driving and being stuck in traffic when you can breeze through a heavy congestion and arrive at work in record time? And what about easily finding a parking space anywhere?

A fixie’s operating costs are also something worth noting, especially when you live quite a distance from work and since it costs approximately 20 to 30 cents per mile to drive a car. If your daily commute to work is 16 miles for example and you ride your bike twice a week, multiply that by 52 weeks and .25 cents you can save as much as over $400 a year. A fixie may be the one thing that can move you around quickly, easily and conveniently so you can view website and check out models that appeal to you.

In the streets of New York alone for example, you will be hard-pressed not to see a lot of fixie advocates zipping in and out of side streets and alleys. Not only is this bike quite easy to operate and best especially for those who are just beginning to discover the wonders of biking, it is also one bike that requires little maintenance, with clean lines and thin tires that make it easy to make tight turns and ride with ease. They easily blend form and function, two aspects that appeal greatly to consumers today, not to mention available at affordable prices, especially when you get them from online companies like http://www.chappelli.com.au which is one of Australia’s leading online shops that offer high quality fixies at the lowest prices.

As far as customization or building a fixie goes, advocates swear by the fact that nothing is easier to build or customize in the realm of bike-riding. For as low as $50 you can complete a fixed gear using bits and pieces from other bikes as well as the vintage frame from your grandfather’s bike. In times like these when frugal living is concerned, this is one green option you can consider to save some greens.

Yes, this is the same bike that doesn’t allow you to coast and doesn’t have any visible brake mechanism that you can pull or press to screech to a halt if you need to. All you’ll need is excellent maneuvering skills and powerful thighs to slow down and eventually stop. Check this site for fixed gear bike if you’re a beginner looking to find the best fixies to learn on and to understand what makes these vintage bikes unstoppable.

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