Why Do You Need an Interior Decorator?

By: Sunil Punjabi

The demand for an Interior decorator is a recent one and has originated in response to the demands of people's present day lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Many people are still hesitant to use the services of an interior designer because they are unsure as to how it can help.

Some people do not want to hire an interior decorator because they feel that decorating the interior of a house is the absolute prerogative of the house owner. They are worried that if they hire someone, he will try to impose his taste on them and the house will end up as something designed according to his fancy. This is far from true. What an interior designer does is only translate your need or imagination into reality.

The primary decisions like whether or not to have rugs, chandeliers, paintings or curtains will all be yours and yours only. The interior decorator will only help you to decide the color combination, spacing, light use etc. as per the dictates of the general comfort parameters. You will be shown the differing effects of bold colors and soothing colors, or shown the effect of using different types of furniture, and helped to decide what will be most suitable for that particular type of building.

A good interior designer will have an innate sense of harmony. So he will know how light and color can affect the objects in a room, how a given shape will fit into an existing space, and how to use negative spaces. Further, use of colors and placing of furniture will have to be done depending upon the type of ventilation the room has got, and the amount of natural light available inside the room. The interior decorator will be able to balance all these and explain it to you. In a room that has got floor-to-ceiling windows, there could probably be abundant light inside. If so, he will explain how to use curtains and furniture in such a way that it will lessen the effect of light inside.

An interior designer will also help you to fit your ideas within your budget. You can tell him the maximum amount you are ready to spend on interior decor. He will then divide the amount between the furniture and curtains and lights and other paraphernalia, and will give you the options accordingly.

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