Why Digital Media Is Lifeline Of Commercial World?

By: Punit Thakkar

Importance of advertising

Advertising is the lifeline of every business. It doesn’t matter which goods or services you offer or produce, a business needs to advertise it, in order to sell it. Advertising or marketing is an entirely separate industry that provides marketing or promotional services to the other industries. Earlier, newspapers and radio were the only means to advertise about goods. However, over a period this industry has made a tremendous growth and today there are several means of advertising available. Newspaper, radio, television, hoardings, templates, magazines are few popularly used advertising methods. Furthermore, new name has been added to this list is digital marketing.

What is digital media?

Digital marketing is not a new arrival in the list of advertising means. It is there, since more than a decade but it has made a gradual progress and influenced number of industries over a period. It is difficult to give any definition or categorized the digital marketing. However, we can define it as, “everything, which is advertised on the web, comes under the digital media”. Digital marketing may be new for many business houses but it is popular way of promoting a company or goods. Nowadays, every business house, be it a small or big believes in making strong digital marketing strategy for promoting their goods and services. Additionally, business going digital because their competitors have started using it and to remain into competition they also have to use it. However, there are still confusion between digital and traditional marketing methods and their advantageous.

Difference between traditional and digital media

As said earlier, newspaper, radio, television, hoardings, templates, magazines are few traditional methods of advertising. Whereas, digital marketing is newly found love for business houses and consumers respectively. There is no doubt that traditional advertising methods are still on the top and business prefers them for commercializing products. However, it is equally true that digital media is competing with these traditional methods and no one wishes to ignore digital method while planning their advertising strategies. It is often seen that people use digital marketing and traditional marketing methods in different proportions. However, proportion depends upon the types of products.

Advantage of digital media

Why digital marketing, despite of having so many traditional methods for advertisings. This question often swirls in mind. Let’s sort it out.
1) In comparison with traditional advertising methods like television commercials digital media is quite cheaper. This is the biggest reason why business houses believe digital marketing campaign as an important part of their advertising strategy.
2) Today’s youth is more connected with internet. Hence, if your target is youth, you have to make a strong digital marketing strategy for reaching this young generation.
3) Digital marketing is the only mean where you can expect the inbound sells. Aside of making blog or a website you don’t need to do anything and customer automatically will search you.
4) Digital marketing strategy is often flexible and there is always a space for improvising.
5) It is cheaper, more effective and most importantly long lasting.

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