Why Clean Green?

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Most of us are so used to using commercial cleaning product that not only harms our environment but also our health and that of our children as well. We are so sold to the idea that once it does not smell of chlorine, it is not clean.

These cleaning products are a culprit to some of our health problems like skin rashes---Are you experiencing those? Or do you have a persistent cough? If you are experiencing these symptoms, you could have an allergy. Better check your cleansing products and examine its contents. Here’s a list of chemicals that poses potential danger to you or your family’s health:
1.Triclosan is an anti-bacterial agent found in anti bacterial soaps, hand gels /sanitizers, and cleaning wipes that can cause photo contact dermatitis---a skin irritation marked by hives when exposed to sunlight. 2. Acids may cause itchy blisters, rashes and erosions. Boric acid is found in cockroach/insect powders, water softener, and germicide. Different types of acids are used for different purposes. Some are used for disinfectants, deodorising tablets, fumigants, household bleach, iron cleaner, anti-rust cleaners, and de-clogger cleaners.

3. Chlorine gas is used as a whitener.

4. Formaldehyde is used as an embalming agent, preserver and found today in many of our personal products and cleaners. Chemicals used in commercial cleaning products are dangerous. There’s a reason to heed the warning labels of products on the back products saying do not eat, touch or drink. But there’s no reason to panic. Organic products are here. Not only is it better for the environment, it is also better for your health. In fairness, commercial cleanser companies also subject their products through rigorous safety tests. You'll be fine if you handle them carefully, and don't subject yourself and your kids to unnecessary exposure.
Here are some tips to minimise exposure to chemicals:

• Open windows and turn on the fan when cleaning your home.
• Use rubber gloves and surgical mask.
• Do wash hands after cleaning particularly if you are going to handle food or play with your child.
• Don't store generic dish washing liquid or cleansers in old soft drink bottle or food containers.
• If you must use chemical products, stick to trusted brands. At least you know that they have passed quality checks.
To save us from allergies that chemical cleaning agent brings, organic cleaning products is a healthy alternative to commercial cleaning products. It not only good for our health but it is also environmentally friendly for natural cleaning products dissolve quickly and harmlessly in the water system and the soil.

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