Why Choose Royale Capital as Your Specialized Self Managed Superannuation Administrative Service####

By: Jason Burrows

Managing your own super is a big responsibility Ė possibly bigger than most realize when they first start considering doing so. Your super is meant for your retirement, so there is a labyrinth of special rules about how supers can be managed. The pitfalls can be costly and even result in legal proceedings so as they say Ė it is better to look before you leap. Thatís the reason for this article.

When thinking about managing your own super your best course of action is to first seek professional advice Ė donít be afraid to admit what you donít know and talk to someone who does.

You need to realize that managing your own super can take considerable amounts of time and requires a fair amount of skill. You need to be sure you have the time and ability to handle these tasks Ė and the time to learn more as you go forward. Be sure you understand the applicable and tax laws and understand the risks. You will be required to tailor your trust deed and investment strategy to suit the other members of your fund. You must be sure you can meet all the record keeping and reporting obligations. And you must be sure you understand and can comply with your annual auditing obligations.

Everything mentioned in the above last paragraph leads you back to the sentence that preceded it Ė first seek professional advice. Talk to the people who make SMSF Management their business.

We at Royale Capital are experts in SMSF management. Although ultimately you are the trustee of your fund and obligated to comply with super law and make your own investment decisions, the experts at Royale Capital can help you navigate the potential pitfalls and legal dangers of SMSF management. Knowledge is power as you know. We have the knowledge and by passing that knowledge on to you, we also give you the power to successfully manage your SMSF and achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

When you talk to a Royale Capital SMSF expert we first will make sure you fully understand what a SMSF is, understand the requirements and the costs of setting a SMSF up and keeping it going, understand what your investment options are and possibly most importantly, understand what risks you may face.

Royale Capital can also help you set up and run your fund.

When you become a Royale Capital Private Wealth Member you have the option of passing many of the time consuming legal details into the hands of our experts. One of your most demanding responsibilities as a trustee of an SMSF is the legal requirement that you keep proper and accurate tax and super records. This alone can take many hours each week and without the proper background, one can easily become hopelessly lost in the tangle of SMSF tax law. A single simple mistake can have grave financial and legal consequences.

Thatís is why when you become a Royale Capital Private Wealth Member we handle all record keeping obligations on your behalf. Some of these obligations include administering the fund, the trustee and the member records; maintaining accurate and accessible accounting records in a form which can be readily converted into print and clearly understood for the purpose of audits; reconciling monthly accounts of the fund; preparing rollover forms as required; and administering benefit payments and pension payments to name just a very few.

Some of the other administrative responsibilities Royale Capital performs on your behalf include providing all trustees and members with comprehensive monthly and quarterly reporting on the fundís activities; review the fundís Trust Deed on a regular basis to make sure it is always in compliance with current regulations and any changes made in superannuation laws; perform all record keeping; make sure ledger transactions are balanced against your bank account statements on a regular basis; again to name just a very few of the services Royale Capital offers.

In addition our financial investment experts are always available to help advise and guide you in your investment strategies. Ultimately, your goal is to create, grow and protect your wealth Ė our responsibility is to help you do just that. We do not succeed unless you succeed!

To learn more about all the financial services and educational programs offered by Royale Capital and our Private Wealth program.

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