Why Bullet Proof Armor

By: Ravinder Simmi

“Bullet for bullet is the right policy”

Greatly speaking, armoring vehicles came into existence since past decades. Only innovation of new born technology has made these vehicles look astonishingly stylish and protective too. Basically bullet resistance glasses are made by layering a polycarbonate material between pieces of ordinary glass.

Bullet proof glass
Bullet proof glass can be produced in a variety of ways. This process is called lamination. This glass material is thicker than normal glass. Bullet resistant glass looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass. Bullet resistant glass is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets depending on the thickness of the glass.
In addition to, a number of people have been police and military personal, special forces, air force, navy and def-fence contractors in harm's way. But you would be surprised at the wide range of civilians need for bullet proof body armor and glass of their vehicles. Bullet proof glass works by having two layers of glass combined together. One layer is brutal and another is flexible.

Bullet proof vehicles
Armored are designed as well as manufactured with the objective to provide safety of the passengers from all sort of attacks. In the past time, these were mostly manufactured for military and law enforcement agencies, but now a days the non-commercial are also being armored to provide the security to important personnel. As a gift, the innovation of technology made these armored vehicles.

Steel Plates And Ballistic Steel
Steel plate is a flexible and durable material commonly used in metalworking, construction, engineering. Steel plates are formed when the metal is cut into thin, flat sheets or rolled into coiled strips. Dimensional stability is a part and parcel property of steel plates used in infrastructures.

Armor and ballistic steel is used for wide variety of military specifications and structural uses. These can be utilized in the manufacture of military vehicles, structural housings with high protection, armaments and other protective structure along with varied applications.

Commercial vehicles generally includes trucks, trains, buses, trains, aircraft, etc. They should be in very good condition as they are used to carry many people or goods of valuable amount. If any obstacle occurs it means to face heavy losses.

Manufacturers role
Manufacturers are providing commercial vehicles spare parts to help owners of these automobiles for proper maintenance and keeping excellent working condition intact. All the manufactured of armored vehicles are leading worldwide suppliers of lightweight armored vehicles and custom bullet proof cars innovations in the designs and shapes. They have experienced staff which has been manufacturing bullet proof vehicles to protect distinguished clients all over the world. Countless companies have strong roots and key management personnel with bundle of years combined armored experience. Through focusing on engineering, innovation, protection, lightweight armored applications and premium finishing.

Manufactured clients

  • Prominent Heads Of State

  • Politicians

  • Religious Leaders

  • Business Executives

  • Diplomats

  • Celebrities

  • Athletes Royal Families

Tactical boots
Tactical boots are used for use in swamps and waters which will be water proof, and will have a coating as protection against blood sucking pathogens like leeches. The shoes will have an antibacterial lining. Security forces, who require swift response, prefer using the tactical boots for sheer comfort, it offers to the foot, even during those wild movements.

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