Why Are Remy Hair Extensions so Popular?

By: Freddy Rodrics

If you’ve been looking for hair extensions for a while now, chances are that you have heard of Remy hair extensions. It appears that all of the top hair extension manufacturers are now bringing out lines that use Remy hair so it would be pretty difficult not to hear about the latest style innovation. Many consumers however are still a little bit unsure about exactly what it is and just what makes it so special.

What Exactly are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are hair extensions that are made out of one hundred percent human hair. And when Remy hair extensions are made, special care is taken to ensure that the cuticle is left in tact. Both of these aspects of Remy hair combine to ensure that extensions that use it are the most natural looking on the market. The fact that the cuticle is left intact is considered so important because it ensures that the hair runs in the right direction and is significantly less likely to get tangled.

The Advantages of Remy Hair Extensions

- The primary advantage of Remy hair extensions is that they look and feel just like real hair. Ask just about any girl shopping for hair extensions what the most important thing that she is looking for in hair extensions and she is likely to tell you that she does not want anyone to know that she is wearing extensions. Remy hair extensions are almost impossible to detect, even from close range.

- Another advantage of Remy hair extensions is that because they are made solely from human hair, you can do everything to them that you can do to your own hair. Therefore you can use a curling iron, a flat iron, even a blow dryer on them without fearing that they will get damaged. You do not need to worry about using any special shampoos and you can dye or cut them as often as you want.

- The final advantage of Remy hair extensions is that they last significantly longer than all other types of hair extensions. This is put primarily down to the fact that the cuticle is left intact which allows you to wash and blow dry the extensions and still have them looking thick, healthy and beautiful.

Why are Remy Hair Extensions so Expensive?

Unfortunately all of the aforementioned advantages do come at the cost of having to pay quite a bit more for any hair extensions that use Remy hair. The reason for this is that Remy hair doesn’t just contain human hair, it contains only the highest quality human hair which still has the cuticle intact. This ensures that the manufacturing process is significantly more expensive than when it comes to both synthetic hair and even lower quality human hair. Should you be considering choosing a cheaper alternative however, it is worth noting that Remy hair extensions do last much longer. This means that though they cost more, you do not need to replace them as often.

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