Why Am I Depressed? - Causes Of Depression

By: Sharon Kaplan

The common causes of depression are a combination of different factors rather than just one specific factor.!br>Although the definite causes of depression has not yet been reveled and identified, the two major factors that can cause depression are biological and social.
Biologically, depression can be a result of an impairment of the hormonal balance in the brain. In this case doctors usually prescribe depression medications to regain the necessary balance of hormones.
Socially, causes of depression can be subjective social difficulties such as unemployment, financial problems, death of loved one, loss of relationship or any other major trauma or stress. In this case use of depression medications is not mandatory and the preferred treatment is psychotherapy.

Common causes of depression:
1.Personality: Having a low self-esteem and pessimistic point of view can also be causes of depression.
2.Major Trauma: Having to deal with traumatizing and stressful events such as separation from a loved one due to death or a painful divorce process, sudden loss of a job, unemployment or financial difficulties can all be causes of depression.Even events that are usually considered positive such as marriage, birth of a new baby or graduation can be causes of depression for some people.
3. Family History: The specific gene that is responsible for depression has not yet been identified but studies showed that when a person has a family history of depression, his chances of developing a depression are higher than average. Just like in any other illness, genetics is a very powerful risk factor.
4.Chronic Disease: People that suffer a chronic or a life threatening diseases such as cancer or HIV, can also develop depression. In this case dealing with constant pain aggravates the depression even farther and makes it even harder to treat. Treatments for Chronic illnesses often involve medications that can also cause depression. A proper diagnosis is essential, in order to rule out the possibility of depression as a secondary illness.
5.Childhood Trauma: Childhood sexual or physical abused or any other kind of trauma can cause depression later on in life.

What ever the causes of depression are, social or biological, a depressed person must seek professional treatment as soon as possible.
If you feel depressed for a period of more than two weeks, see your doctor or ask a family member or a freind to help you get a proper medical care.

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