Why Abortions Happen Today

By: James Pen

Abortion has been a great way for pregnant women to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. The general notion about abortion has been that it is unnecessary and women do it just to get rid of their unwanted pregnancies. However, abortion might sometimes be a necessity as well for the pregnant woman. For example, a woman may have to undergo abortion if she is facing health issues. Though there are many factors which can lead to abortion, it is also true that sometimes the pregnant woman is forced to end the pregnancy without her wish. She may be facing certain personal issues which can make her take the decision of getting an abortion done as well.

Sex selective abortion

Often, abortion is done to stop the birth of a female child. In few cases, it is the woman herself who takes the decision of undergoing abortion. In other cases, the family members of the woman along with the husband have a say. It is a very common practice in many developing countries to have a preference for a male child over a female one. If the child in the womb is a female and not a male, many women consider undergoing an abortion as they do not want to have a girl child. There are age-old myths that prefer males over females. Though sex determination is strictly banned in many countries, it is still carried out secretively and often right under the nose of the government. Such abortions give rise to complexities in the woman's body and she may become extremely weak or fragile or may even die in some cases.

Studies reveal that as many as 2,00,000 pregnancies have been terminated till date. Also, 90 percent of such abortions are carried out against the woman's will and without her knowledge.

A woman's personal reasons for undergoing an abortion

Many a times, a woman opts for an abortion due to some personal reasons as well. Many women who get pregnant right after their marriage often terminate their pregnancy. Inability to afford a child, unemployment, relationship issues with the husband or a non-supportive husband are some of the key reasons why many women opt to go for an abortion. Laws of abortion should be made more strict so that these incidents do not occur. Abortion should be carried out only when it poses a risk to the pregnant woman and not otherwise.

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