Who is Simon Simonns

By: George Velvet

Simon Simonnæs is a hard working person with a natural talent for business. He is the owner of Simonnæs Holding, one of the top investment companies for real estate and corporations. His strong determination and the guidance of his great father helped him become the respectable man he is today!

In life, if you want to achieve anything, you have to work hard and never give up on your dreams. That’s what Simon did and he is not satisfied with his professional position and financial situation. As a child, he saw how his father struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills and he made the decision to become financially independent. At the age of only eleven years old, he got his first job, as a bellhop.

He finished his studies and experienced other jobs, but working as a real estate agent was probably the best decision he made at that time. There he learned many things and became interested in the real estate investment industry. Simon Simonnæs decided to start his own company and put his creative ideas into practice. It wasn’t easy, but with hard work he managed to stay profitable and ahead of his competitors!

Although he is now a wealthy man, he was never interested in making a fortune. He only wanted to live happily, without financial worries or other financial problems. Espen Galtung Døsvig, his old friend and business partner, has a great respect for Simon. He knows his life story and admires him for everything that he achieved. He describes him as a hard working man and a reliable friend, the only friend that he could do business with!

Sometimes a good friendship can be the perfect base for a strong business partnership! Simon and Espen discuss everything and take great decisions together. Simon always comes up with a new perspective or an innovative idea and they usually obtain great results! Having years of experience in this field, they now offer a wide range of high quality services for their clients.

Of course, Simon is much more than that, but anyone that wants to get to know him better can simply go online. With a few clicks they can find more interesting details about his company, his work experience, his business projects or his donations! He offered considerable amounts of money for the rehabilitation of the Stoltzekleiven stairs, for solving a brutal cat killings case; he was always interested to make improvements in his community.

For everything that he managed to obtain, for all the effort that he put and all the challenges that he faced, he now deserves to be considered a role model. Everyone that had the pleasure to meet him have only positive things to say about this decent and hard working man!

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Don’t hesitate to check on the internet for more information about Simon Simonnæs. Whether you are interested in his investment company or you simply want to get in touch with him, enjoy the power of the World Wide Web!

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