Who is Right- Democrats or Republicans?

By: Beaule Agerter

Republicans talk about the evils of big government and the nanny state, and the wonders of free enterprise and the golden values of the free market and how the trickle-down effect will save us all.

Democrats talk about the good big government can do for all of us, how we need to be saved from ourselves, how it will insure equality for everyone and how everyone will be happy when they see what government has done for them.

Both premises currently revolve around the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as its popularly known. However, that's just the present circumstances- in the past impasses have come and gone reflecting the same ideological differences.

It boggles the mind how neither party gets it. How can both parties be so obtuse?

There is no trickle-down effect: it just doesn't work that way. There is the trickle-on effect: that is how it works. That is why there is the rich and there are the pee-ons. That explains why the gulf in America between the wealthy and the working class continues to widen. Watch the movie 'Other People's Money'. That is what Mitt Romney's work with Bain Capital represents to the pee-ons. When CEO's get million dollar bonuses while their companies are laying off 10's of 1,000's of workers that is why there is so much animosity toward the rich. When a firm goes bankrupt while those at the top walk away with millions those that get peed on get pissed off. What else do you expect to happen? When the rich want more so they fire Americans in favor of hiring cheap labor in Mexico and India do you expect the pee-ons in this country to cheer? Natural Law- dog eat dog. Michael Douglas said it right in the movie 'Wall Street': "Greed rules." People are not naturally compassionate. While watching out for their own interests people do not naturally give a thought for the interests of those around them.

As to the other premise: There is no such thing as beneficial big government- all of history teaches that. We need a hand-up not a hand-out. A hand-out stifles incentive. Work should be enshrined as the way to lifting one up to a better quality of life. Most free men or women, be they rich or a pee-on, resent government intrusion. Big government equals higher taxes which equals more burden on the working class. We are already too burdened. We want you to lighten the load- like that is ever going to happen. Stop trying to force your values upon us. We do not need you to save us from ourselves. Why is it that you think you must continually add more laws? You ought to be required to repeal five laws for every one you pass. Get away from our breakfast tables, get out of our churches, we don't need you to tell us how to raise our kids, go away and leave us alone. Defend us against our enemies, maintain our roads and infrastructure, invest in our education, but mind your own business and stay out of ours. Maybe you think your vision will make us happy even if you have to force feed it to us. Well guess what- we have our own vision of happiness and do not need your help.

I do not know all the answers but I do know that government cannot legislate compassion or fairness no matter how hard they try. I do know that those who lift others while lifting themselves prosper in more ways than just money versus those who step on others on the way to the top of the heap and then proceed to pee on those below. I do know you cannot spend beyond your means and expect the consequences to be beneficial. Bottom line- I think Republicans are dumb if you think there is anything else but the trickle-on principle in real life and I think Democrats are foolish if you think that big government can do anything other than bankrupt this country and steal our self-respect.

Maybe besides just a donkey and an elephant we could also use a mouse that roars.

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The author, while living in a red state, sometimes wishes there was some other party colors besides blue or red. He earned a graduate degree the hard way, has worked very hard, and lives in poverty nonetheless. However, he keeps getting up and continues to chase the American Dream. For more articles go to www.americandreamchaser.us

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