Who Is the One Unsuited of High Heels?

By: Sylvia

To the modern, high heels is the byword of sexy woman. Heel is getting smaller, higher, once put on high heels, breast shape naturally erect, hips Alice arc will be more intensified, enhanced visual femininity, showing perfect curve, natural and feminine. However, this sexy feminine is the right of thin high-heeled shoes with pointed-specific patent. Play sexy, choose the right ones!

Pregnant women avoid wearing high heels
Women like to wear high heels, high heels can increase because of the height, to make up for the shortcomings of short stature, that is, the body is not short of people, wearing high heels, the body will look slimmer. At the same time, wearing high heels can make chest abdomen, appears to spirit. In addition, highly suitable for high heels (2 to 3 cm is appropriate), the sole shape also fits a normal arch, it will give the foot force uniform, either standing or walking will not feel tired. There is a function of correct to the people of flat feet.

However, pregnant women, physical situation has changed, increasing day by day, belly, weight gain, the body's center of gravity forward, standing or walking back muscles and feet of the burden, if you wear high heels, it will make the body Legislative branch unstable, due to the body increased, the burden of the foot, walking or standing, will find it hard to pin. Therefore, pregnant women should not wear high heels. In addition, because of lower extremity venous reflux in pregnant women are often affected to some extent, standing or walking far too long, the feet often have different degrees of swelling, this time due to wear high heels soles, uppers hard, not conducive to the lower limb circulation.

Pregnant women is best to wear soft-soled shoes, sneakers, these shoes have good flexibility and ease of bending, there is a certain flexibility to change with the shape of the foot, so wear comfortable, lightweight walking, can reduce the physical burden of pregnancy and to prevent occurrence of falls and other unsafe factors.

Puerperal should not wear high heels
High heels women like shoes, but not for maternity to wear.

Wear high heels, people naturally focus forward, waist to keep upright posture, looks very spirit of the shuttle in the crowd more and more confident. However, due to the pelvis forward, waist, back, body weight significantly change the power curve, over-extension the waist, back muscles shrink tension, lumbar facet joint and the joint capsule tense, long-term effect, the joint capsule and back muscles prone strain, causing low back pain. Legs, perineum and lower abdominal muscles tense, affecting the pelvic blood circulation can also lead to waist pain.

Maternal postpartum period can prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes to wear shoes or slippers as well.

Though high heels can take you more attention and eye-sight view, you should take your health at the first place. If you are the one of the crowd of unsuited to wear high heels, you had better not to wear them!

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