Who Is The Right Translator For Your Business?

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

The problem remains in ascertaining whether the language translation service providers in question can really deliver on the requirements of the client.

To get a picture of what all is encompassed by the term translation and the work of these language providers, we must understand what exactly a translator is. A translator is an individual who is proficient in more than one language and assists people by converting and facilitating communications, so that both parties may communicate effectively. There are two types of translators -

* Textual - These providers work primarily with written documents and provide their services for the translation of a wide variety of documentation, which includes literary, legal, business, and journalistic texts. These language service providers are usually paid by the word or per assignment.

* Interpreters - As opposed to textual language conversion providers who are required to deliver their translated communications on deadlines, interpreters have a far more real-time application of their skill set, by listening to and translating spoken words simultaneously. Understandably, this requires efficient linguistic, syntactical, contextual and grammatical capabilities. Interpreters are either full-time employees or are paid by each hour. Interpreters find great favor in settings, like the United Nations or international business organizations. You may also find interpreters employed as court translators in areas with multiple spoken languages.

Finding the language translation service provider is a major challenge in itself, given the glut of "quality" translators available online. Many such translators often employ poorly developed translation software to quickly complete their translation assignment as soon as possible. Since the software does all the work, these people charge throwaway prices, drawing the attention of those who are willing to compromise significantly on quality.

A quality language translation service provider has an extensive amount of experience in various types of translation projects. They can also make available testimonials from their earlier clients, who have hired them before. This attests to the quality service provided by the provider and its positive business impact. The translators employed by such providers should be well qualified in translation. The best business practice is to hire the services of a provider who is fluent in the syntactic, grammatical, as well as contextual text, required for completely accurate translations.

Getting the perfect language translation service provider requires a large quantity of detailed research, with the responsibility lying on the shoulders of the business owner employing the provider.

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