Whites and Slave Religious Ceremony

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Problems between the white and the slave because of their religious activities were not with the West Indian slaves only. The stories of the African American religion are a variety of creative fusion. The enslaved Africans were transported to the new world in the beginning of the fifteenth century and they brought along with them a wide range of their local beliefs and practices. The majority of the slaves came from the west coast of Africa and the traditional religion varied greatly.

There were forces that the white could not control as much as they disliked the slave religious ceremonies such as the slave magic. This was the area in which the slaves acted with more knowledge and authority than their colonial masters. These were used to mute the white powers because they could not be stopped entirely. The perception of the Obeah as a black phenomenon of the black life changed during the salve revolution in 1760, which took place in Jamaica. Forty white plantation holders were killed and from then on the Obeah was viewed as a resistant cultural practice, which challenged the British domination.

Thus, the rebellion gave rise to strong official sanctions and anti Obeah laws were passed. Drumming and dancing at night was prohibited and the masters had to notify and prevent and assembling of the slaves. After that issue, the slave owners were encouraged to spread Christian gospel among the slaves to make them leave the Obeah religion. The slave owners were encouraged to insist on conversion of the slaves to Christianity as a way of de-popularizing the obeah religion.

Therefore, this diversity reflected the many cultures and the linguistic groups of where they had come from. The Islam religion had been introduced in part of Africa even before the slave trade and this meant that a part of the enslaved people were Muslims. Catholicism had also been established in areas of Africa by sixteenth century but traditional religion was the most common among the slaves. Slaves from different parts of Africa had a different religion and practices and they were perceived differently by the white.

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