White Hat SEO

By: Mel Joelle

White Hat SEO is the reciprocal of the Black Hat SEO technique. If the black hat SEO does all the spamming and unethical techniques, White Hat does all that is appropriate to get your website on top of search engine results. White Hat SEO focuses more on human audience rather than focusing with how search engine would rank the result however it still plays an important role in getting the website crawl above the search engines. This type of search engine optimization technique follows the right rules and policies that search engine imposes to get a website on top rank. Although this is more difficult because you must ensure originality, it is also easier to get higher ranking results.

A common technique used in White Hat SEO is writing informational and substantial content for human readers. Apart from getting all the codes read by spiders or artificial intelligence, you must be have good content that can be read, understood and used by humans. This is exactly what White Hat SEO does. As you can see, its reciprocal the Black Hat SEO does a lot of unethical procedures like having invisible texts, spamming, duplicating and a many more. On the other hand, White Hat SEO is spam free with original content that adheres to the guidelines of search engines that will get your website on top of the generated results.

White Hat SEO is also referred to as Ethical SEO. In contrast with Black Hat, it promotes internal linking. This is will make search engines have easier time to find your site without banning it for inappropriate links scattered all over your website. There are a lot of sites that uses appealing navigation to users. Although it may seem to catch people’s attention, it is not a guarantee that you will be ranking on the first page of the search engine results. This is because search engines like Yahoo and Google find it difficult to crawl websites that have a lot of heavy Flashes, images and videos. In other words, the easier it is to navigate a website, the higher its chances to rank on top of the search engine results.

Why is ranking so important? For businesses, a website can draw a lot of prospect clients to buy the services or products you are offering. It also reaches a global market therefore your chances of getting a lot of profit to return your investment is immeasurable. If you want to be on top of the results, you must ensure that the SEO technique you are using follows the rules the of search engines. By doing so, it is easier for search engines to index, crawl and get your site the rank it deserves. For a search engine like Google, SEO is not considered as spamming as long as it considers and follows the right amount of keywords and key phrases as well as good and quality content. However, if you will use a technique that does otherwise, you will surely get your rank decreased. Using White Hat SEO will guarantee you that you will be able to get good ranks as you move up the search engines in an entirely faster pace. You will also eliminate worry from checking on your site from time to time wondering when you will get banned by using unethical practices.

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