Which one is better: A Family physician or specialist doctors?

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

With the emergence of multiple syndromes and diseases, there have been several specializations for a doctor. The different branches cater to different patients of different ages, as well as different symptoms. Each family member visits a different doctor according to his/her preference and requirement. It has become extremely tough to find a common doctor which can attend to all the members of a family.

Those days are gone when you would have a single family physician for all your needs and who would also be like a family member to you. Gone are the days when a doctor would understand all your problems, lend a patient hearing and be available on phone calls. There were doctors who also used to visit the patientís residence.

On the other hand specialist doctors have both, positive as well as negative aspects. If each family member visits a different doctor then you can easily shift to another doctor, in case you have a problem with your doctor. It will not be that problematic to find another doctor. At the same time, a family physician is better in a way that he would solve all the issues of individual family members.

At the time of emergency, if you have a family doctor then you can give him a call. However, if he is unavailable at that time, then the whole family will face trouble. In case of separate doctors, one of them can be called during urgent need.

There has been tremendous progress in medical arena, which is apparently for good. However, beside these improvements, there have been some setbacks too. Nowadays, you would notice the trend that physicians feel compelled to ask questions, just for the sake of it. Most of them do not even bother to listen to your symptoms, forget about asking you thoroughly. Once you utter a single word, most of them start scribbling some medicines or costly tests in the prescription.

All the facilities do not run the way they used to earlier. If you are looking for a doctor, who would cater only to your individual needs, then it is difficult nowadays. In short, you will face trouble in finding a specialist doctor who would attend to only your health issues. In case you are relocating or your family doctor is unable to provide you services due to any reason, at that point it becomes a painful task to find a new family doctor, who can successfully take the place of the previous one.

It is difficult to state as to which one is better between a family physician and a specialist doctor for each family member. This is because each has its own merits and demerits, which have been pointed out above. Thus, besides having separate specialized doctors a family should have its own family physician, which would be the last resort for them.

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