Which game world you want to live if possible

By: Hayden

"The Elder Scrolls 5"
In the game world, Tamriel continent on the Nirn planet makes people screaming, where else can match the Nords' place of residence? I was able to forge the sword of destruction, drink malt liquor, or dragon slayer a night. It is harsh climate, and beautiful snow. I was able to have my own house, seclusion, in the long day, kill bandits, fight a good frame. Might even can go to another continent, spending my holiday.
"Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City"
I want to drive at the speed of 100 kilometers per hour, jumping and also alive when is back to home. Admittedly, this world is full of a variety of sins. I do not know when it will emerge a neuropathy, beat you terrible, but so what, anyway, you can place full of blood resurrection, is not it? In this world where all the doors locked no law, everyone is anxious to create chaos. But the freedom of the city is a fantastic version of New York, full of fun, at least in the game world is so. Of course, these things happen in real life, is completely ridiculous! Liberty City this fantasy city, we do not want to see in real life, but if we can never die, and no pain, living in such a world will be fun unlimited.
This really is a little brain damage. If not so idiot, the world would be preferred. Can have a Pokémon and fight with others, take me! Want to grow up in a world of Pokemon. Even you are a little older, will be able to appreciate the wonders of the world changing. Of course, the child may burst into your home to harass you, leisurely walk in the street, they will inevitably run into some trainer
of the sense of self with their Pikachu to challenge you. However, all these problems will not be a problem. I am willing to live in and face of these troubles.
"Deus Ex"
Of course, this is a dystopian future world dilapidated throughout government spies, companies have been trying to control every aspect of human life, there is dangerous inductive computer program, but I just want to say a word, human functional reinforcement. But you can be able to leap and jump on top of the tall buildings, high-speed running, can throw out large truck like throwing garbage can. You know very well, this is your longing for life.
"Second Round"
Well, some people say that this game is more than a video chat room, but strictly speaking, it is still an online game. I mean, here all wishes come true. I was able to see ghosts and goblins, vampires, werewolves, and perfect hacker groups. No matter what you want, can be met. To build their dream house, live in it forever. The world exactly as you wish. Face yourself, admit it! This world is much better than the "Little Big Planet". So add into this game again, because I did not have to go like in a different world. Oh, wait, Azeroth, or just choose Azeroth ......

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