Which are the best drinking card games for your party?

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So you are planning to invite your friends over but not have what it takes for a party. Do not panic! Sometimes all you need for perfect night with your mates is a pack of cards and a lot of alcohol. Drinking card games are guaranteed to turn any get together into a wild party.

As their soul purpose is getting you drunk, our advice is that you stick to the simple games. What you choose to play can be an important aspect for all those participating because not everybody is good at poker or other advanced card games. These games can also take a longer period of time which implies the risk of everyone becoming bored at one point. Besides, even the most skilled poker players will not be able to pull a perfect hand after a few drinks.

King’s Cup is one of the easiest and most popular games. Its rules are simple and fun to obey. It can be played by a minimum of two people with standard playing card or with special King’s Cup cards. You will also need a large cup which will be, evidently, called the King’s Cup. The empty cup will be placed in the center of the playing area and the cards will be spread around it face down. Each card will be given a specific assignment which can be established by the players or can follow popular rules. After all of the rules are settled, each player has to draw a card and complete the task associated with it.

If you are anxious to start the game, here are some of the most known rules for King’s Cup: If you draw an Ace you will start drinking, then be followed by the person next to you on the right, then the person next to him or he on the right, and continue in circle till, the drinking “domino” comes back to you. The person who drew the card can stop drinking anytime they want but the other players will only be allowed to stop when the person next to them has stopped as well. This routine is known as the Waterfall.

If you draw a two you will be lucky because you can point any two people and force them to drink. Those who have a number three card in their hand are not so lucky however because they will have to drink three times. If you pick a number four card you will have to drink two times but also point out two other people who will have to drink one time. Those who draw a give become the party’s waiter and will be in charge with fetching drinks for everybody until someone else picks up a five. For number six you have a sneaky task to complete. King’s Cup rules say that you must put your thumb on the table without announcing the other participants what you are doing. The others must follow and the last person to put his thumb on the table has to drink.

Lucky number seven is not so lucky after all. If you pick a seven, you have to start counting from 1. The person standing at your right must continue and then the next to him, in the domino way mentioned before. When someone reaches number seven they must not say the number but a word you have previously picked. This rule also applies to multiples of seven (14, 21, 28, etc.) or any other numbers with seven in them (17, 27, 37). Also keep in mind that whenever a 7-related number is reached the counting sense is reversed. Whoever makes a mistake has to drink three times. Picking number eight gives you the possibility to make any rule you want which will be followed by everyone playing, including you. For picking a number nine card you must say a word and the person next to you has to think of a word that will rhyme to the one you said. This will go on to the next person until someone cannot find a rhyme. The slowest “MC” in your gang will have to drink four times.

If someone picks number 10, he or she will have to pick a category such as 80’s pop stars or sports. The players will then go around in circle starting from the right side of the player who picked the card and will each have to say an item from that category. The first to not know what to say will have to drink. If someone picks a Jack card, the boys have to drink, where as if someone picks a Queen card, the girls have to drink. For picking up a King card you will have to put some of your drink in the King’s Cup situated in the centre of the table. The person drawing the last king will have to empty the content of the cup.

These are the some of the most well-known rules for King’s Cup but they can easily be changed. This game can be played with a variety of alcoholic drinks. If you want to avoid a massive headache, it is advisable you stick to beer and avoid mixing liquors. Also, drink responsibly and keep in mind that purpose of this game is having fun and a good laugh with your friends.

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