Which Pet is Right for You?

By: Barnes Alexis

If you're interested in getting a pet then there are many different important elements to consider and lots of different factors in choosing precisely the right little furry friend. While some of us will know from the start the kind of pet we're looking for and maybe class ourselves as either 'cat' people or 'dog' people, for others this is a subject open to debate and it's important to consider the various pros and cons of either decision before you decide. Here we will look at what the differences are, and hopefully help you to decide the right kind of pet for you.

Activity and Time

First of all you need to decide just how much of your time you want to be taken up by your pet. For some people the answer is a 'lot' and the whole reason they will look at getting a pet in the first place is so that they can have some companionship that will stop them feeling lonely and that will ensure they aren't bored. If that's you then you probably won't be happy to stick with just fish, and you might find that cats are a little too antisocial even as well.

On the other hand though, some people need a pet that doesn't require too much involvement and that doesn't take up too much time. The reason for this might be that they work during the day or that they don't have much space or much money. Suddenly a fish or a cat, or perhaps a gerbil, becomes a lot more feasible – they are still adorable pets but they fit more easily around your lifestyle and mean you can go out in the evenings without worrying and not have to rush home on your lunch break.


You do need to consider money when you get a pet, and much like choosing a car the initial cost of the animal itself is the least of your worries here. More important is the amount of money you are inevitably going to end up spending on food, on transport, on kennels and at the vets. Many people just can't afford a dog, and even a fish can be quite expensive.


Looking after an animal is a huge commitment. These aren't just adorable pets – they're living things that need your attention and that won't be able to thrive without you. If you've never had a pet before then launching right into a dog can sometimes be a shock and be a mistake. A better idea then is to 'build up' to bigger pets and to start out with something smaller like a rabbit.


Some people just love rabbits, while others just love guinea pigs. When it comes to these two types of adorable pets, there is little difference in terms of the amount of care they need, so really it just comes down to which one you like the most and which one makes you melt the most inside.


Your home will also play a part in the decision – and that means whether you're allowed a pet (if you rent) as well as how much space you have and how tidy you hope to keep your d้cor.

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