Which One is better for Teeth Whitening? Strips Versus Trays

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Now, if you've been exploring the possibility of whitening your teeth at home, then you're bound to know that there are whitening strips and whitening gels that are used with trays for this purpose. Which of these teeth whitening products are best suited to reveal the radiance of your smile? Well, that largely depends on you and your needs. Strips and tray set ups differ in ease of use, time on your teeth and sometimes performance. There can even be a difference in the type of bleaching agent that is used on these products. After a bit of research, you should be armed with some information that will enable you to determine which of these two types of product to provide you with the best teeth whitening.

Now, you will find that the majority of teeth whitening strips and tray set ups use a peroxide based bleaching agent. The stronger versions use hydrogen peroxide, which is the type of peroxide that dentists use. The more gentle versions use Carbamide peroxide. This version of peroxide should have less of a tendency to cause you tooth and gum sensitivity as a result of the whitening process. With a little bit of research you will find that even among the whiteners that use the same peroxide as each other, the percentage of the peroxide can vary. The more intense the whitening power of the strip or tray is the higher will be the percentage of whitening agent found in the product.

When it comes to teeth whitening products you will find that the strips offer the convenience of applying them to your teeth without bulk or having to apply gel into a tray. This may be the main reason that you feel strips will give you the best teeth whitening. Some strips boast invisibility and some even dissolve when the whitening process is through. Strips with these characteristics often allow you to whiten your teeth while on the go. Many strips recommend that you use them for 30 minutes or longer at a time. Some of the downsides of strips are that you may find that they don't always stick to your teeth as they should and they often only fit one side of your teeth. This means that the back side of your choppers won't receive whitening. You will most likely need a good 14-30 days to see whitening results with most whitening strips. Furthermore, there are many reports of uneven teeth whitening when use strips.

You may find that the best teeth whitening results come from the use of a gel and tray system. Many gel/tray set ups make claims that you will see whitening results in 5-14 days. You will likely be instructed to use the tray anywhere from 30-60 minutes at a time. Some systems come with trays that are already filled. The tray set up will also provide the back of your teeth with whitening at the same time as the front of your teeth is being whitened. A variety of great whitening products can be found impressivesmile. Ultimately, you will determine whether strips or trays are the best teeth whitening products for you.

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