Which Air Purifier Can Address My Specific Concerns?

By: Rajeev Sahadevan

Normal, oily, dry, and mixed and each skin type will require the kind of products that can address the specific problem. The same applies to the air purifiers and the choice is between the air filters that each can accommodate. There are asthma and allergy, smoke and odor, basic air particles, germs removal air filters available.

How does air purifier protect your home?

You no longer come home alone but you are accompanied by strangers who stick to your shirts, shoes or even skin for troubling you or your family later by causing allergies.

The cleaning supplies you use at home to kill germs also contain harmful chemicals that mix with the indoor air and get trapped inside. Outside pollutants also get trapped indoors when we keep our windows open to get fresh air but in actual we are inviting polluted air from outside to inside unless you are living in clean countryside. If you are a city dweller then there is no point of getting fresh air form outdoors so better rely on something that can purify the air inside. The air quality of indoors are worse than outside as everything gets trapped in and settles permanently. Your kitchen emits all kinds of smell that can invoke your taste buds but the smell settles in without getting a vent to pass away. Now you certainly don’t want your family to intake air that is contaminated to a great extent. Well this is where air purifiers can help you a lot to get rid of that cooked fishy smell or those smelly socks that protrude your eyes out.

Air purifiers filter the dusts, micro pollutants, pollens and other particles that float around causing health problems. You can use natural air purifiers like plants, candles or even the technological ones that offer a wide variety of services. Natural air purifiers like incenses, aromatic candles or even plants that help to purify air can be utilized to control the air quality. These will help to give a fresh scent keeping your home filled with fragrance but it won’t help much to control pollutants like pollens or micro particles. In such cases going for artificially made air purifiers would be a great deal as they help to cleanse the air and make it free from pollutants. Branded products are available online and you can easily get one for your home or office to keep the air in control and to deliver a healthy place for your loved ones.

How to choose the air purifier?

Choosing air purifier should not be skeptical; identifying the problem is the key. Be sure of yourself and be well aware of what your indoor air condition is. Have a home indoor air test done to identify the concerning air pollutants that are more in number.

• Dust removal is the basics of all air purification. This facility is available in all kinds of air filters before the air reaches the inner filtering layer or layers. If dust is your only problem there is no need to go for the complicated filtering units.

• Dust, pet, or other allergy is another concern that is addressed by the allergen removal air purifiers only. The air filters that have an HEPA filtering layer are what they need to eliminate even the micro particles from the air. Pet allergy: People who have pet allergy would also need this kind of air filter in their air purifiers. Molds, dust mites, pollens, spores etc are the other particles that cause allergies.

• Smoke and odor removal needs an activated carbon layer to trap both these air pollutants. The air filters with a layer of activated carbon or that is exclusive of this layer can effectively remove these problems. It is also effective in eliminating the pet odors and the common kitchen odors or smoke.

• The combination air filters will have multiple types of filtering payers that will remove the air particles in steps and by types or size. Such air filters can do the general cleaning to remove majority of the pollutants. Yet they are not completely effective in doing so. Even in this distinction, the chemical pollutants in the air in the form of volatile organic compounds can only be removed by the chemical air purifier that is made for this purpose.

The best air purifier

The air purifier that has an HEPA filter is considered the best among all. If it has an additional filtering layer of activated carbon and other sophisticated filtration facility, the better. The area of the room is also essential. You must know that no air purifier can cover the entire home unless the filtration is part of the central air conditioning or heating system. Do not hurry, take your time and surf through all options and choose the best technology that can solve your problem.

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