Where to get help with erectile dysfunction

By: David James.

One of the problems many men never talk about is their penises. It can be very embarrassing talking about it, and some men live their life under the shadow of a problem that can easily be dealt with. The problem that usually affects them is impotency or having problems with their erection.

People might laugh about it in the pub, and it is a source for amusement and jokes but having erectile dysfunction can really effect a man. It not only affects someone’s confidence, but can also affect the ability to have children and to sustain a healthy relationship. Many marriages and relationships have been put under strain because of erectile dysfunction and inability to have a satisfying sex life.

When someone has impotence, it does not mean that they cannot have an erection at all. It actually covers a whole spectrum of problems. At one extreme someone might not be able to have any erection, and remains flaccid. The next step up may be someone only being able to achieve an erection occasionally and not when they want. Another variation may be someone being able to sustain an erection, but that erection not being satisfying or be able to be hard enough to penetrate. There are a lot of problems a man can encounter.

The problem is not only restricted to old men either. In fact, many men start to get problems in their late thirties and early forties. It is thought that over 40% of men in their forties end up with some problem with erections. Some men in their twenties may also suffer from problems.

What can be done about this problem? One obvious solution that many people have turned to is taking Viagra. This has been a life saver for many men, as it is a quick and easy solution to the problem. Just by taking a single tablet or even half a tablet then many men are able to achieve a strong erection whenever they want with no side effects. This has made a real difference in relationships and in the confidence of many men.

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