Where Are The 2014 Lace Hair System?

By: AnnieLove

It is a journey through time, along part of the story, space and time with an object in his hand, or rather, in memory, although it could also be, with that object on the head...

Because today I propose to travel with an eye on the heads...

And to begin this adventure, nothing better to look in the trunk of memories and... and back to 1793...

Danton, directed by Andrzej Wajda in 1982 film begins showing a scene in which Robespierre, the executioner, joins heavily from a humble and lousier, Cot with clear signs of who has seen death and said no. The neck, torso and head are soaked in sweat. Robespierre has spent three weeks consumed by fever and now must return to work, a custom which is measured because of the amount of guillotinadas heads. That man has sweated the disease and all requests to your support of camera is a clean suit, some face powder and a wig. While the helpless image of Robespierre is transformed into an unforgiving judge, we attended a session of Cosmetology. What impacts, which puts feet up our sense of hygiene is the self-sufficient gesture that Robespierre put the wig and becomes again what it has been: the authority that bends, humiliates and triumphs. Robespierre wig metaphorically establishes a social distance with the wild hair of Danton, Gérard Depardieu in the role of the spoiled son of the people. We know the outcome historical and cinematic: the hair wheel at the foot of the wig.

Are they flirty men? Are they men without shame? Are men with character? Are they wise men? I'm not sure. There is everything in this world. Some might argue that these individuals do not have enough personality to withstand the baldness and that it is precisely for this reason that they opt for such remedy. I tend to think that those who use wig, do not do so because they want to hide baldness, but rather because they like to wear hair on the head. Subtlety perhaps, which continues to be a difference.

Coincidentally, the man wearing the same course that I, so it had no more than slightly slow my steps to follow him back. An honor was for me escort to such character. You had to see how I watched sideways against the windows of the business. And how smiling it was despite bad weather which prevailed. At one point, he crossed with a young lady, which could not avoid looking at it; and he just did you notice how she looked it, turned his head to see her butt, and doing dismissed a haughty, typical of a man overcome comment.

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But, without addictions, only with the Lace Hair System itself I've seen to be gorgeous with it since. Feel well. It makes a beautiful silhouette thing many mesh I see you are

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