When was the Internet Invented

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Internet has become an integral part of life for most of the people. However, like me, do you wonder about the timeline of Internet invention? Scroll down to know more about the inventor. All of us are eternally thankful to Graham Bell for his most famous invention, the telephone. However, after the telephone the most important invention is that of Internet. Most of us cannot think of our lives without the Internet today. When we think of communication, we naturally think about the Internet. It is due to the Internet, that there has been an explosion of information. There are a number of things to do on the Internet and most of us do explore the opportunities as well. However, there are number of questions, related to the invention of Internet, like when was it invented, who invented it, etc. Let's find the answers to these question.

When was the Internet Invented

Invention of Internet technology did not happen overnight. Although there are number of dates, which you will come across, the actual invention cannot be attributed to a single date or year. The process of invention of the Internet spans approximately a quarter of a century. You must read the next part of the article to find an answer to the question which year was the Internet invented. However, before you go on to read the next bit of information, I would like to bring it to your notice, that although WWW and Internet are used interchangeably, they are not the same.

Who Invented the Internet

To the invention of Internet, no one person was responsible, as invention of Internet has happened over an extended period of time. The idea, which lead to the development of Internet was put forth by J.C.R. Licklider in his paper about computer networking in 1960. He went on to head Information Processing Department in the U.S. military's research agency. He was helped by Lawrence Roberts and his team in the research and development.

The next step in the development of Internet was packet switching technology, due to which information could be transmitted between computers in bundles, which was and still is called packets. This research was carried out by scientists at various places namely MIT, the National Physical Laboratory and RAND. There efforts paid off and it led to the activation of ARPAnet between UCLA and Stanford University in 1969.

ARPAnet cannot be compared to what we have today in terms of web browsers, WWW, etc. However, it can be called the father of Internet as we see it today. There were many systems based on ARPAnet and the system extended rapidly. By early 1980s', there were more than 200 independent computer hosts.

There were other systems, which were developed in other parts of the world as well. In 1974, International Telecommunication Union started the X.25 standard. This was the basis of European networks such as Britain's JANET. However, there was a difference between the way both these systems were used. ARPAnet was primarily an academic network, however, it did have the general email functioning, what is used to this day as well. On the other hand, X.25 based system was available to the business community. This system had a feature called Telnet. However, based on ARPAnet, in 1983 TCP/IP protocols were created.

Apart from J.C.R. Licklider and Lawrence Roberts, the names worth mentioning are Robert Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Vint Cerf, Radia Perlman and Viston. National Science Foundation took over the management in 1990. The explosion of Internet happened after 1990. It was in 1992, that access of Internet was made available to common public. It is then, that Internet explosion happened in the real sense of the term.

After reading the write-up are you not of the opinion, that it is difficult to credit any one person with this magnificent invention. At the same time, it is no doubt difficult to pinpoint one day or year for the same.

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