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Substance abuse can take on several forms. It might be drinking too much, too often or both it could be using street drugs, or it could be abusing prescription drugs. Whatever the case, there are definite signs that casual abuse has turned into something more serious addiction.
Addiction usually manifests itself as a pattern of behavior that you cannot break, no matter how hard you try. If you have tried going without the substance you abuse and find yourself returning to it or replacing it with other destructive behavior then you are addicted. If your family has mentioned to you that they are concerned by your behavior, then that is another sign that you are addicted. Many people who struggle with addiction often tell their loved ones that they can quit at any time, or that their loved ones just dont understand the pressure Im under. These comments are a part of addiction as well. When your body is physically and psychologically dependent on a substance then it goes into denial when someone challenges that dependence. The bottom line is that if your relationships with your family or friends, your work or your mental or physical health are affected by your substance abuse habits, you should seek help for addiction through a Drug Treatment Center .
Drug treatment programs vary, with some providing outpatient care to those who provide inpatient and residential care. While outpatient care may be an option for someone who has just started to struggle with addiction, if you have a severe addiction you have been struggling with for a significant period of time it will be necessary to get enrolled in an inpatient or residential treatment program. Inpatient and residential programs work well because they remove you from environments where you feel the need to resort to substance abuse, they offer medically managed detox programs and they provide emotional counseling to keep you from falling back into the patterns of addiction after you leave the program. It may seem like a lot to take on, or you may feel that you have too much going on to drop everything for a rehab program, but it will help both you and your family more if you get help as soon as you realize you need it.

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