When To Choose A Gel Moisturizer

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It can be difficult to find the perfect moisturizers for your skin, and chances are good that once you find one you love, youíll stick with it forever and ever. The only problem youíve found is that your standard moisturizing cream tends to work better during some seasons than others. Instead of continuing to use your favorite face moisturizer when itís less effective, give a gel moisturizer a try. Gel moisturizers are lighter than their cream counterparts, so there are certain times when it makes more sense to go for the gel.

When itís hot outside.
In the dead of summer, even if you spend all day indoors, itís easy to wind up sweaty and slick. Itís also easy to find yourself inadvertently sunburned, even if you religiously apply your SPF every day. A lightweight gel moisturizer keeps your skin from feeling weighed down in the oppressive heat. Not only that, but itís refreshing against sun-kissed skin; you can even store the container or bottle in the fridge when youíre not using it for a little extra chill. Aloe vera gels provide even more coolness and relief.

When your skin is oily.
Just because your complexion is naturally a little oilier doesnít mean moisturizers donít need to be a part of your beauty regimen. In fact, using a proper moisturizer may help reduce the amount of oil you experience. A gel moisturizer doesnít sit on the skin heavily like a cream does; it absorbs into the skin quickly so it stays hydrated and reduces the skinís need to produce oil.

When you suffer from adult acne.
If your skin produces an excess of oil, you may notice an increase in acne blemishes, as too much sebum is one of the causes of acne. Unfortunately, heavy skin lotions can encourage increased oil production, causing even worse breakouts. Before you swear off moisturizers altogether, try using a pH-balancing, water-based gel moisturizer. It will hydrate your complexion without any extra oil, wonít clog your pores and can even help with healing acne ó because if youíre not using a moisturizer when your face is dry and tight, it will produce extra oil to make up for what your complexion isnít getting.

But remember, you love the hydrating cream youíre already using, and youíre worried you skin wonít like it as much when itís time to switch back. No worries, changing up your routine a few times per year is normal. Many people require different lotions depending on the environment. Once the seasons change and your skinís needs follow suit, your usual natural skin cream will still work just as well. And when itís time to switch back, youíll have peace of mind knowing your skin has the absolute best moisturizer options for any conditions or seasons.

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