When Should You Opt For Real Estate Appraisal

By: navjeet kaur

Real estate appraisal deals with evaluating the land in order to assess its worth. It helps an individual in knowing the amount he has to pay or expect while buying or selling the real estate respectively. Besides this, performing an evaluation is also vital to find out property tax, the owner of the house is responsible to pay.

Compared to a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), the report produced by an appraiser is more meticulous and represents an in depth information regarding the market value of a real estate by comparing it with other similar properties in that area. For a fact an appraiser is a third party person, usually approved by the state, who is well versed with the changing trends and aspects of real estate market, he has the capability to offer precise evaluation of land. Therefore, make sure to opt for real estate appraisal when you find yourself in any of the below mentioned situations.

Selling the property
If you are planning to sell your house, getting an appraisal of your home is very essential to know about the correct price of your asset. When you hire a property appraiser for this purpose, he primarily compares your land with other properties in your area that have been recently sold in previous years. Taking into account the features condition and size do the house, he assesses the market value of your house on the basis of the characteristics of comparables.

Purchasing the property
Similar to selling a land, real estate assessment is necessary while buying a home. This helps you in knowing whether or not the purchasing amount of the property you are considering of buying is reasonable. Thus, it would not be wrong to say it is a necessary condition in the process of purchasing a house which plays an important role in closing the deal. With a correct appraisal, you are sure to secure a successful deal.

Tax reassessment
When you own a land, you are expected to pay the tax. An evaluation of your home allows you to know the exact amount of tax you are required to pay. In case your property value has depreciated, you can opt for estate evaluation to confirm you are paying exactly the amount you need to pay. Thus, it is important to determine property tax.

You might at some point of time think of refinancing your home considering the benefits it offers. However, the lending institutions require property assessment while deciding upon your approval for refinancing and also to find out the maximum refinanced amount you can borrow. If your house does not have enough appraisal value, you might have to struggle for your qualification.

Home equity loan
For a fact home equity loan is borrowed against the equity value of your home and your house’s market value plays a major role in determining how much equity you have built in your home, evaluation of your asset is utterly important when applying for home equity loan.

With real estate appraisal you can not only assess the true worth of your asset, but can also secure the best possible deal.

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