When Good Food is Bad

By: Peter Roseberg

Prior to common belief, sugar is not the only thing thatís bad for our teeth. While we were raised to believe that too many sweets can cause tooth decay and other damaging teeth problems that can warrant more than just a check up from the dentist, youíll be surprised at what other good food is actually bad for our teeth.

The thing is, the other thing aside from sugar that causes damage on our teeth is acid. Sugar, especially sucrose or table sugar, teams up with the bacteria that is already in your mouth and contributes significantly to plaque buildup, producing lactic acid that erodes your tooth enamel in turn. Another bad thing about sucrose is that it sticks hard to your teeth, making it difficult to remove even with brushing. Check this website to get more expert opinions about the dangers of sugar and sweets.

Acid on the other hand, is an element present in most foods, including healthy and nutritious fruit. Even without the help of naturally-occurring bacteria, acid eats away at your tooth enamel, making it erode faster. Unlike sucrose you can generally wash acid away by drinking water immediately after eating but brushing right after actually does more bad than good because it softens the enamel making it more susceptible to damage. It is recommended that you wait at least an hour before brushing.

Discolored teeth on the other hand, are the handiwork of teeth-staining beverages that we drink on a daily basis like coffee, tea and energy/sports drinks. Even white or red wine and cranberry juice contributes to our natural teeth colorís darkening. Even as we lose our teeth to decay or accidents, we can also lose them due to a poor diet and even poorer dental hygiene.

While there are cosmetic dental treatments that you can have to solve these problems like dental implants, teeth whitening or root canals for worse cases of tooth decay, it would save you a lot of money if you were able to prevent these damages from happening. Nobody wants to go through a root canal even if they have to but if it is unavoidable, you need to make sure you go to a dentist who knows what they are doing and does it well. As a precaution, you can check site for root canal and inquire about how the process is actually done and what to expect from it.

To start, you would need to give up some or most of your favorite food or change some of your eating habits. A sad prospect, but nevertheless one that has major benefits in the long run. After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, as the saying goes.

First of all, if eating acidic foods cannot be avoided, then you must make sure you do it during mealtimes because youíll minimize the effect of acidic damage when you consume other foods along with it. Chew gum with xylitol in it since it fakes out bacteria and may help prevent cavities. Also, try gums containing Recaldent which helps remineralize teeth and resists tooth decay. You can also try periodically brushing with baking soda to neutralize the acids in the mouth.

Right now to the foods you need to avoid. Of course in addition to hard candies, you also need to avoid junk food like popcorn and chips and you also need to stop chewing on ice. This is especially recommended if you have fillings in your teeth as ice shards can easily break them. Now for the surprises in the list Ė apples, pickled vegetables and bread, believe it or not can contribute to teeth damage.

Apples are high in acid and can be hard on your enamel and it may be able to keep the doctor a way for a day but constant nibbling on one may keep your dentist on speed dial. Pickled vegetables on the other hand while healthy contain vinegar which is also high in acid and the brine can as well do damage to your enamel. Breads, especially processed white breads, contain sugar plus they get in and between your teeth. Other surprises in the list include diet soda, which while low in sugar is still highly acidic and salad dressings, most of which are flavored with sugar.

As it may seem that most of the food you eat can be culprits for untold dental damage, you need to consult with your dentist about which foods are safe to eat , which ones should be eaten in moderation and what should be totally avoided at all costs. You can check out sites like Brisbanesmilecentre.com.au about what possible treatments you can get in the event of a tooth decay gone bad and get qualified help for it without causing your pocket too much pain. Find Brisbanesmilecentre here and be on your way to having a healthier smile.

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