What to Wear Walking

By: Sarah Carlye

From the top of your head to your feet, what you wear will affect your walking comfort. Being comfortable while walking will improve your walking program success. Starting out with a comfortable shoe that is worn for walking is a good start when putting together a wardrobe to be worn for walking.

Some people choose traditional gym shoes for walking, shoes designed specifically for walking, or ergonomically designed shoes like the Stepgym shoe. Whatever type of shoe is chosen, it is best to have a shoe that is worn for walking and another pair of gym shoes for everyday use. Alternating shoes will help both shoes last longer, and reduce shoe related foot problems. Ergonomically designed shoes reduce stress on the body and increase the benefits of walking. Choose absorbent well fitting socks.

Weather will determine the type of clothing to wear while walking. During mild weather, almost any clothing that is comfortable will be appropriate. Below are suggestions for different types of weather.


Don’t let a little rain keep you from meeting your fitness goals. Wearing comfortable light clothing under rain gear is suggested while walking. Rain gear keeps the rain out, but also will keep in heat and sweat. A simple hooded rain poncho is often sufficient. When there is a heavy storm with thunder and lightning, many walkers choose to head to a mall or large department store to maintain their walking schedule.


Protecting the face, hands, and feet will be important during cold and snowy weather walking, because they are most likely to become frostbite. Much heat is lost through the top of the head. Even if you have thick hair, put on a thick warm hat. In cold weather dressing in layers can be useful because a vigorous walk will create warmth. A backpack may be handy to carry a layer or two of clothing for the last of the walk when the sun and the exercise warm you up. In severe cold it is best to find an indoor facility to walk or an alternative exercise to do at home.


Light colored breathable clothing will help you keep cool while walking in the heat. Long sleeves can protect your skin from the sun and keep you cooler. The same is true of thin lightweight breathable pants. A hat that allows sweat to evaporate will help protect you from the sun and keep you cooler. The broader the rim on the hat, the better, to provide more shade while walking. Never risk heat exhaustion or stroke, move your walks indoors when temperatures are extremely high.

To make the most of every step and give muscles an extra workout, add the Stepgym shoe to your walking wardrobe. Go to Stepgym.com to find out the benefits walking in the Stepgym shoe.

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