What to Look for When Contemplating Bankruptcy

By: Nathan Dawson

Filing for bankruptcy is undoubtedly a life changing decision, whether itís for chapter 7 or chapter 13, and itís important to have the right partner on your side to help guide you through the process. From New York to California or Michigan to Texas itís up to you to find a partner who can answer your questions concerning bankruptcy law and inform you of chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions.

First, keep in mind there are different channels offering help such as bankruptcy attorneys, companies to help avoid bankruptcy, and general bankruptcy information sites- providing information on who can file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies. As always be wary of companies offering free bankruptcy help and do your research to make sure theyíre legit before handing out you social security number or paying huge up front fees. One final step many people neglect is maintaining help after bankruptcy, a key factor to the recuperation process.

Some facets you may want to look for when looking around for a bankruptcy help provider include programs to help you master and manage your debt, monitor your financial health, and organize you records. They should also provide advice on how to save more of your money, and help you set plans and achieve goals. One thing everyone who is considering filing need to be aware of is the recently enacted bankruptcy legislation which now requires everyone filing for bankruptcy to complete an instructional course in financial management. In light of this it is also encouraged to find help that offers this service included as part of their services.

Once you have found a company you can partner up with to help you through your bankruptcy there are several questions that are commonly overlooked but should be addressed. First ask them what may change once you have a chapter 7 bankruptcy on your credit report. While it is obvious how it will appear, a good partner company will offer advice specific to your situation that will help you reestablish a decent credit report. Secondly, ask about bankruptcy loans. Some companies offer them to eligible clients to help individuals or families in dire need of assistance. A final question that is often overlooked is the option of an after bankruptcy mortgage refinance. Though this may sound like a scary step, the right company will have a payment plan that works around you.

Naturally different companies are going to have different programs whether you are filing bankruptcy due to student loans or for your business; but not all offer the same services. The key is to find someone who will work around you, offer you the bankruptcy advice and support you need, and provide appropriate programs to get you back on track as quickly as possible. Though bankruptcy help doesnít initially seem to be something one can shop around for, it is a phase of life when you will need someone who will provide you with the answers and offer custom programs catered to your needs. Best of luck in your search!

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