What to Expect with Online Auto Insurance Quotes

By: Chris Robertson

Comparing online auto insurance quotes provides a free, easy way to find affordable car insurance. You can fill out an online form stating your insurance requirements and other information and receive quotes from a number of reputable insurance companies. Before online quotes, you were required to visit or call various local insurance agencies and fill out a separate questionnaire for each one. But thanks to online technology, your insurance quote comparison doesn't have to be near as stressful as years ago. Here's what to expect when comparing online car insurance quotes.

No Obligation

Getting a quote does not obligate you to sign on with a particular company. Online quotes are free, and you won't have to make a decision right away. You can compare the different companies and the types of coverage they offer. Consider your insurance needs and those of your entire family. Do you have a teen son or daughter who's just beginning to drive? Are you married or single? Does everyone in your family have a clean driving record? Do you have decent credit? These all play a role in determining the type of policy you'll need and your premium amount.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Using online car insurance quotes doesn't mean you have to choose an unknown or small company. Most well known insurance agencies provide free quotes through the Internet. One quote site might provide information for ten or more large companies. Many of the companies will assign you your own personal insurance agent to guide you through the application process. An online agent can help you with questions by phone or e-mail just as easily as a local agent. You can even deal directly with some companies if you know exactly what type of coverage and how much you'll need.

Even if you do want to use the services of an agent, online auto insurance quotes give you the means to see what each company has to offer without having to talk with different agents at the start.

Secure Process

Another benefit of comparing quotes online is you can do so without entering your personal information, such as your social security number, drivers license number, etc. Obtain initial quotes by entering general information about yourself - enough to get a good idea of what your premium would be. Once you narrow your options, you can fill out a complete application with the insurance company you choose, or allow an agent to create your policy.

Don't Expect All Quotes to be Instant

When you request online auto insurance quotes, some quotes may appear in your Web browser immediately after submitting your request. Others might come to you via e-mail - separate e-mails from each company. Some may allow you to opt for a phone call from an agent or customer service representative.

Premium Differences

Don't be surprised if you find that one company seems to be much cheaper than another even when you have a clean driving record and there's no reason to give you a higher rate. Insurance companies determine their premiums according to their "profitable category" of insured consumers. One company might thrive on high-risk drivers and offer discounts for these types of drivers. Another company might cater to families with teen drivers while another might cater to singles or college students. So who you are and your current family size can play an important role in determining your car insurance rates.

Compare online auto insurance quotes before you make a decision. Just a simple comparison can possibly save you hundreds of dollars per year!

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