What to Do if Your Child Is Struggling with Geometry and Calculus

By: Ray Narayan

It has been observed that many children struggle with math, and this setback, like any other learning problem, can stand in the way of success. Early recognition of a math problem in a child is very important and help should be available at the early stages, instead of dismissing it as a normal part of life. The technology driven world we live in today has created a demand for people who can think in abstract terms of math and science, and it makes up for nearly one-third of all employment opportunities. Not having at least the basic math skills will certainly block many future opportunities for a child. When a child faces difficulty in basic math, it is magnified as they grow older, especially when math goes beyond just addition and subtraction.

Recognizing early signs of difficulty that a child may face in learning math is the first positive step that parents can take. This may involve hiring a qualified tutor to help the child, as tutors can identify the child’s learning potential and teach them as per their capabilities. One significant aspect of tutoring that has emerged in today’s Internet driven world is online math tutoring. The main advantage of these online tutors is that the child can learn at a time convenient to them and still easily participate in other activities they may be involved in. With both parents being busy today and at times not comfortable with the child being alone at home during a coaching session, online math tutoring comes across as a very welcome option. Apart from being cheaper than hiring a private tutor to teach the child at home, the facility of online tutoring also does not limit parents to a specific geographical region.

Math tutoring online is fast becoming the preferred tool for learning the subject. Finding the right math tutor for your child can be challenging, but is not impossible. You want to hire the best geometry tutors and calculus tutors for your child and a little effort on your part can ascertain that your child overcomes their math shortcomings. There are some online tutoring services that will give your child a free online tutoring trial, which helps you gain a little insight into the program offered. Look for a service that offers a 1-to-1 tutor-student ratio because it really helps enhance communication and expedite learning. Having a tutor available to answer any questions from a child without delay highlights the importance of a program that offers 24/7 service. It also facilitates constant monitoring and quick evaluation of the child’s progress.

Talking to the child’s math teacher at school, to see what areas or skills need improvement, will help you select the program with an online math tutoring service. There are several programs available as per the requirement of the individual child. Payment facilities also vary accordingly. Some give you the option of paying by the hour, for a minimum number of hours, while others may require payment for the entire program to be done in advance.
When you decide to hire an online tutoring service for your child, it is important to ensure that your child is always encouraged to learn and is enjoying the process. Then math, the subject, we adults too loved to hate as kids, is not rocket science anymore.

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